Why Is it Rude To Wear Sunglasses Inside?

Wearing sunglasses inside is done all the time… in movies. But, what about in real life? Is it rude to wear sunglasses inside? Read on below and learn the full and thorough answer!

Why Is it Rude to Wear Sunglasses Inside?

Wearing sunglasses inside is more often considered rude than it isn’t. The main reason it is rude to wear sunglasses inside is that it blocks other people’s view of your eyes. In other words, you can see their eyes, but they can’t see yours which is unsettling and rude. 

Police officers and government agents are known for wearing sunglasses inside for these very reasons; they can look into your eyes and read your reactions, but you can’t gauge their eyes while they are probing yours.

How Rude Is it?


Wearing sunglasses inside rates 9 out of 10 on the rude meter. Unless you have a medical condition that requires you to protect your eyes from light, even from low levels of light such as indoor light, it is rude to wear sunglasses inside. 

Having a conversation with someone, inside, while wearing sunglasses, is the pentacle of rudeness.

Why is it Rude?

When you keep your sunglasses on while you are inside a building, be it a church, a place of business, a restaurant, or even someone’s home, it is considered rude to do so.

Taking your sunglasses off is a sign of respect toward other people. Keeping sunglasses on around others is like having a shield that keeps people from seeing your eyes (which is seen as rude by most people).

Other Options to Do Instead

There are really no go reasons for keeping your sunglasses on the inside of buildings, homes, and places of business (with the exception of medical conditions or law enforcement personnel). 

A few options to do instead of wearing sunglasses inside include:

  • Remove sunglasses and leave them in your vehicle
  • Carry a case for your sunglasses that fits in your pocket
  • Attach your sunglasses to a lanyard, so you can hang them around your neck
  • Leave the sunglasses at home if you won’t be in the sun for long

Common Questions

Is it ok to wear sunglasses inside?

Generally speaking, unless you suffer from a medical condition associated with light, it is not ok to wear your sunglasses inside. Wearing sunglasses inside someone’s home, or a place of business, worship, or recreation, is most often seen as rude.

Why is it rude to talk while wearing sunglasses?

If you are standing outside in the sun, it is perfectly fine to talk while wearing sunglasses. However, carrying on a conversation indoors while wearing sunglasses is considered rude. There is no reason to shield your eyes inside, especially while talking to someone whose eyes are clearly unshielded.

Is it wrong to wear sunglasses in church?

Wearing sunglasses in a church is seen as a rude action and is highly frowned upon by those in attendance. Sunglasses are not needed in the church, therefore it is respectful to take them off. Even more, shielding your eyes from others, as well as God is seen as disrespectful.

What does wearing sunglasses indoors say about someone?

When someone fails to take their sunglasses off when they are indoors, it may indicate that they have a medical condition, they have something to hide, or they simply don’t think or care about what others think about them.