Why is it Rude to Fart in Public?

Sometimes we simply can’t help but let trapped and painful gas out of our bowels (yes, I mean farting).

There are times it just slips out, other times, people don’t seem to care where they are when they fart. 

But, is it rude to fart in public? Read on and explore the full answer below! 

Why is it Rude to Fart in Public?

Does a bear poop in the woods? Even if you don’t seem them doing it?

Yes. Farting in public is rude and it is still rude even if no one sees, hears, or smells you doing it.

Farting in public is seen as rude in nearly every culture on earth (except for a few possible tribes deep within the Amazon).

If you are still asking yourself whether it is rude to fart in public, simply answer yourself by pondering whether or not having a bowel movement in public is rude or not.

How Rude Is it?


On a scale of 1 to 10, farting in public rates 9 on the rude meter. There are extremely few circumstances in which it is not rude to fart in public. Accidents, however, of course, do happen. 

That is not to say that an accidental fart is seen as not rude.

An accidental fart is indeed seen as rude, though it may rate a 7 rather than a 9 on the rude meter.

Why is it Rude?

It is very rude to fart in public because the sound is offensive in most cultures, not to mention the smell is far from pleasant. 

A fart is the release of gas built up in your intestines, which isn’t a very pretty picture or aroma.

Some people are so disgusted by smelling someone else’s farts that they will puke, or even faint.

Other Options to Do Instead

There are very few other options to do, when you have to fart, aside from simply farting. Your main priority should be to go to the bathroom, or at least remove yourself from the public eye before you toot.

Common Questions

What are farts made out of?

Farts consist of oxygen, nitrogen, a bit of hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and other natural gases. These are the substances created as byproducts from your digestive system. More or less, farting is proof of the universal law “what goes in must come out”.

Does everyone fart?

Yes, everyone farts. Even your beautiful wife and dear sweet mother. The fact of the matter is anyone with a digestive system that includes a stomach, and intestines, and eats a diet as humans or animals do, fart. There is no escaping the fact that gases will escape your rear, no matter how hard you pray or squeeze your cheeks.

Is farting gross?

Farting, in general, is something that is completely natural but is seen as just as gross as pooping. That fact is, farts are kind of seen as invisible poop. They sure smell the same, and they sound even worse coming out of your rear end than pooping does.