Why is it Rude to Ask a Girl Her Age?

One of the oldest rules of etiquette for polite ladies and gentlemen is that you “never ask a girl her age”. 

But, does this old rule still hold up today? Is it still as rude to ask a girl her age as it has been in the past?

Read on below and learn the interesting answer to this intriguing question!

Why is it Rude to Ask a Girl Her Age?

Asking a girl her age has pretty much always been considered a no-no. 

One of the main reasons asking a girl her age is so rude is that women are sensitive about the subject.

In the past, women from nearly all cultures around the world were married at rather young ages. 

Girls that weren’t married by their late teenage years were often referred to as “old maids” 

Regardless of that by today’s standards, this is not the case whatsoever.

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s scale of 1 to 10, asking a girl her age rates 9

The truth of the matter is this: centuries of girls have been raised believing that if they weren’t betrothed to someone by the end of their teens, or early twenties at the latest, they were “too old”. 

This way of thinking has more than likely caused girls the world over to believe they are “old” if they are over 21 (which is far from the truth).

At any rate, despite the massive advancements in women’s rights in the last century or so, asking a girl her age is still considered just as rude as it was three hundred, four hundred, or five hundred years ago.

Why is it Rude?

It is considered rude to ask a girl her age because of the way it may affect her mental state and self-esteem.

The truth is, many girls would prefer to remain glowing with the beauty of their youth as long as possible.

Hence, any line of questioning revolving around age or birth years is more often seen as rude and uncouth by girls than it is appreciated or seen as a sign of genuine interest.

The bottom line? Asking a girl her age poses the risk of making her feel old (and possibly unwanted).

Common Questions

Why is it wrong to ask a woman her age?

It isn’t necessarily wrong to ask a woman her age, though she may absolutely feel that it is none of your damn business. 

In fact, if you ask a girl her age too quickly, she may be so offended that she gets the wrong idea about you and cuts you off right then and there.

When is it ok to ask a girl her age?

You shouldn’t ask a girl her age until you get to know her rather well. The worst thing you can do is ask a female her age upon your first meeting or two.

Further, you need to cultivate an authentic feeling of respect between yourself and the girl in question before you even think about asking her anything about age.

Why don’t girls like admitting their age?

It isn’t so much that girls don’t like admitting their age as they don’t like being put on the spot with such questions in the first place. 

The fact is, women have been led to believe that after their teenage years, and twenties, they are “too old” for a man to be interested in dating, or marrying.