When Is it Rude to Mow Your Lawn?

Everyone with a lawn needs to keep it mowed, there’s no question about it. The question is, when is it rude to mow your lawn? Read on below and explore the full and in-depth answer to this question!

When Is it Rude to Mow Your Lawn?

Mowing your lawn is generally considered the rudest during the hours between 8 PM at night and 8 AM in the morning. All other hours of the day are considered fair game for mowing your lawn and won’t be seen as rude whatsoever. 

The only exception is in developed neighborhoods (suburbs) during the weekend. The “rude” time to mow your lawn is moved up an hour or two. That means mowing before 9 or 10 AM in the morning is going to annoy some neighbors on Saturday or Sunday morning.

How Rude Is it to Mow Your Lawn Between 8 PM and 8 AM?


On a scale of 1 to 10, mowing your grass after 8 PM in the evening, or before 8 AM in the morning rates 9. Mowing during this time period is considered rude unless it is absolutely necessary (and even then it is annoying to people).

Why is it Rude?

It is considered rude to mow the grass in your lawn before 8 AM because people may still be sleeping (including people who work night shifts and just went to sleep around this time, and small babies). 

Likewise, it is considered rude to mow after 8 PM because people are generally trying to get ready for bed at this time (including small children).

Unless you have absolutely no other choice than mowing during these time periods, avoid doing so if you wish to keep good relations with neighbors.

Other Options to Do Instead

Generally speaking, there aren’t many reasons why you should have an issue with not mowing your yard during the “rude” time period (between 8 PM and 8 AM). That said, here are a few options you may consider:

  • Hire a landscape professional to mow (if you can’t get it done during the “polite” time period of the day)
  • Purchase a robot mow and set it to auto-mow during certain times (every day or every other day)
  • Offer a neighbor some cash to mow the yard for you while you’re at work

Again, there is really no good reason to “have to” mow your grass during these times, and your neighbors know it. That is why doing so is going to be seen as rude by at least one of your neighbors (if not more).

Common Questions

What is the rudest time to mow the grass?

The worst time you can possibly mow your lawn is before 8 am in the morning or after 8 pm at night. It is during these times of the day that the sound of your lawn mower is most likely to disturb neighbors who are trying to sleep or relax.

Why is it rude to mow grass at certain times?

It’s considered rude to mow your grass during certain times of the day when people are most likely sleeping, trying to get to sleep, or otherwise trying to relax. To mow during these times indicates to your neighbors that you don’t respect them and their peace of mind.

How rude is it to mow the lawn early in the morning?

It is extremely rude to mow grass in the morning before 8 am or so (if you live in a developed neighborhood) as doing so is almost guaranteed to wake up at least one or more neighbors. Mowing late at night is considered equally rude and uncalled for.