What Culture Is it Rude Not To Burp?

Burping means many things to many cultures. Some cultures find it polite and proper, while others find it disrespectful and outright disgusting. Read on below and discover what culture is it rude not to burp!

What Culture Is it Rude Not to Burp?

Many eastern countries like Egypt, Italy, China, and India, find burping during or after a meal to be polite dining etiquette. Burping when you are finished eating indicates two things: you are full, and the meal was good. Both factors are bound to make the host or cook proud. 

On the other hand, when you do not burp after a meal in one of these cultures, it has the opposite effect: the host is likely to be offended that their food wasn’t good enough, or ashamed that they haven’t provided you enough to eat. 

How Rude Is it?


Not burping after meals while visiting cultures where it is polite to burp rates 5 out of 10 on the rude meter. 

While traditional Chinese, Indian, Italian, and Egyptian cultures do find it massively rude for their own kind to not burp after a meal, they don’t always view this non-action the same way when dealing with tourists.

In other words, if you aren’t born and raised in the culture, or aren’t someone who has relocated to and adapted to the culture, it is much less likely that not burping after a good meal will be seen as rude by locals.

Why is it Rude?

The primary reason many cultures find it rude not to burp after sharing a meal is that it (your lack of burping) is an indicator that you didn’t have enough to eat and are still hungry. 

Not burping may also be taken as a sign that you didn’t like the meal, which may also be offensive (especially if it was cooked for you, or is eaten at an expensive restaurant.

Other Options to Do Instead

Here are a few other options to consider doing after a meal while visiting a foreign country that finds it rude not to burp when you finish eating:

  • Tell the cook (and the host, if they are not the same person) that the meal, and the atmosphere was amazing (and try to sound believable).
  • Excuse yourself for not being able to burp and make a joke about it (that it’s probably better because if you burped it might shatter the glass in the room)
  • Try to actually burp (even if you come from a culture that finds it rude)
  • Rub your stomach and make a show of being “stuffed” and mention how tasty everything was

Common Questions

What country finds it the rudest not to burp?

Chinese culture dictates that burping after you finish a meal is polite and proper. In fact, if you do not burp after sharing a meal that someone has prepared for you there is a great chance that said someone will find it rude and their ego will be gravely wounded. 

Is it still rude not to burp if you are just visiting?

Today, with the global merging of individual cultures into one super-culture, not burping isn’t always considered rude if you are just visiting a place. That said, if you relocate to a place, and don’t adapt to some of the culture (like burping after a meal), it will indeed be seen as rude by some of the locals.