Is it Rude to Wear Red at a Wedding?

Tradition says that wearing red at a wedding has a certain not-so-nice message attached to it. 

But, is it true? Or is red just as acceptable as any other color that someone chooses to wear to a wedding?

Read on below and find out whether or not it’s rude to wear red at a wedding!

Is it Rude to Wear Red at a Wedding?

Wearing red to a wedding does not carry the same superstitious meaning that it did once upon a time.

Back in the day, when someone wore red to a wedding (typically a woman), it meant that they’d had a sexual relationship (or fling) with the groom.

In other words, to wear red to a wedding was in fact nothing more than a cheap shot and slap in the face of the bride by a jealous ex-lover of the groom.

Today, wearing red at a wedding is very rarely seen in such a light, and, if it is seen as rude, it isn’t for this old superstitious belief.

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s scale of 1 to 10, wearing red at a wedding rates a mere 3

The main reason that wearing red at a wedding was once rude is that it often carried an unspoken message that they had sex with the groom.

Today the primary time that wearing rude at a wedding is seen as rude is when the outfit itself is too revealing or is an obvious attempt to upstage the bride.

Aside from a skirt that’s too short, or a gown that’s more elaborate than the bride’s own wedding gown, wearing red clothing is absolutely harmless and acceptable these days.

Why isn’t it Rude?

There are no colors that are outright rude when worn at a wedding, including red. 

Despite old rumors and myths that any woman wearing a red dress or skirt to a wedding was doing so as a secret message that she’d had a fling with the groom, this superstition is an idea of the past.

The truth is that today wearing red at a wedding is no ruder than wearing white, pink, black, or blue. 

The type of outfit you wear at a wedding says more about you and your level of respect towards the newlyweds than the color of your clothes (even when you are wearing red).

Common Questions

What does wearing red at a wedding say about you?

Wearing red at a wedding says absolutely nothing about you, not in the sense that the old traditional belief that whoever wore red to your wedding had a fling with your soon-to-be husband. 

Today, if red says anything about you, it says you are in control of yourself, passionate, and full of life. It may also indicate that you are a proud sexual being.

Why do people not wear red at weddings?

People did not wear red at weddings for the longest time due to old superstitious beliefs that if a woman showed up at your wedding wearing red that it was a statement of confession (that she had slept with your husband). 

Further, women wearing red to weddings were often said to be displaying jealousy towards the bride at the very least.

What is the superstition about wearing red at weddings?

Superstition states that if a woman wears a red dress at a wedding, it means that she has had some sort of sexual relationship with the groom. 

However, the world has, thankfully, begun to move away from these old false beliefs. 

That means, today, we are free to wear whatever color we wish at weddings, including red.