Is it Rude to Wear Hat at Dinner Table?

For centuries, proper hat etiquette dictates that men should never wear hats inside. On the other hand, women, for the most part, have a free pass to keep their hats on indoors.

But what do the rules of proper etiquette say about wearing a hat at the dinner table? Is it rude? Let’s find out, together, below!

Is it Rude to Wear a Hat at Dinner Table?

We already know that wearing a hat indoors is considered rude, traditionally, and wearing a hat at the dinner table is no exception.

Men shouldn’t have a hat on by the time they reach the dinner table, to begin with. 

Women on the other hand, who are generally allowed to slide on the no hat indoors rule, should also remove their hats when they sit down with others to eat. 

The bottom line? Men, women, and children alike should not wear hats while sitting at the dinner table and eating.

How Rude Is it?


On a scale of 1 to 10, wearing a hat at the dinner table rates a 9 on the rude meter. The primary reason wearing hats at the dinner table rates so highly on the rude meter is that there is basically no proper reason to keep your hat on while dining indoors. 

Further, fashion etiquette states that we should remove our hats when we enter someone’s home, a place of business (including restaurants), places of worship, and practically everywhere else (that we go inside).

Why is it Rude?

Proper etiquette teaches us that hats are outerwear, like coats, gloves, and scarves. Further, when you enter an establishment or home, you should always remove your outerwear (including your hat).

All things considered, failing to remove your hat at the dinner table probably won’t upset people the way it would have one hundred years ago. But, some people are still very old-fashioned… so why take the risk of coming off as rude?

Common Questions

Is it proper to wear a hat at the dinner table?

Wearing a hat indoors has been considered rude for centuries, wearing it at the dinner table is the pentacle of rudeness for those who subscribe to this etiquette. In other words, no, it isn’t proper to wear your hat at the dinner table.

Why is it so rude to wear a hat while eating indoors?

The rude meter isn’t set off so much from your eating with a hat on, it is the fact that you are inside and haven’t taken your hat off already that gets raises the rude level. That said, sitting down at the dinner table without removing your hat makes you seem even more careless to your host. Some people still see wearing a hat while sharing a meal indoors are insulting and disrespectful to everyone else present.

Is it ok to set your hat on the table?

Traditionally speaking, it is not ok to sit your hat on the table. Rather, you should hang it up with your coat or jacket when you come inside. Otherwise, when you set down to the table for dinner, take your hat off and set it in your lap.