Is it Rude to Wear a Mask at Wedding?

During these strange times that we live in, it seems like one pandemic after the other is on the way to crashing us all down. 

But, despite all the controversy surrounding masks, is it rude to wear a mask at a wedding? Read on below and find out!

Is it Rude to Wear a Mask at a Wedding?

It is not rude to wear a mask at a wedding if the bride and groom have ok-ed mask-wearing. Otherwise, it is extremely rude to wear a mask at a wedding if the bride and groom have expressly stated they do not want people to wear masks.

How Rude Is it?


On a scale of 1 to 10, wearing a mask at a wedding rates 9. Please bear in mind that our final rating is based on the scenario that no one else is wearing a mask, or that the bride and groom themselves have asked the guest to please not wear masks.

If the bride and groom have asked people to please wear masks, it opens up a whole different line of questioning. 

Why is it Rude?

It is rude to wear a mask if it is not mandated, or the bride, groom, or wedding coordinator has not asked you to do so. In other words, it is rude to wear a mask at someone’s wedding if they have not asked you to do so. 

After all, it is not your wedding, you are just a guest. If you are uncomfortable attending a wedding without a mask, you should consider letting the bride and groom or coordinator know right away.

Other Options to Do Instead

There are very few other options to do instead of wearing a mask at a wedding, besides simply not wearing the mask at the wedding. Other basic options may include skipping the wedding, and attending the reception or after party with a mask on the face where no one should mind. 

Another mature option to consider is to respect the wishes of the couple that is being married and follow their direction on whether or not wearing a mask at their wedding is rude to them or not.

Common Questions

Why is mask-wearing rude at a wedding?

Wearing a mask at a wedding is only rude if there is no reason to do so, or if the couple getting married doesn’t feel comfortable with you wearing a mask. If couples-to-be want masks to be worn at their wedding ceremony, they will let you know.

Should people still wear masks?

People should only wear masks when they feel comfortable doing so, and when there are government mandates that make it illegal to be in public without wearing a mask. All other times, it is up to you and your personal judgment and comfortable level (as well as common sense) whether or not you should still wear a mask.

Is it ok to wear a mask in public if you don’t have to?

It is certainly ok to wear a mask in public, even if the federal, state or local government is demanding you to. That said, don’t be surprised if you get a few looks. You know the ones, the same ones Amish folks get when they stroll down the streets of NYC or Chi-town.