Is it Rude to Wear a Hat to Church?

Wearing a hat has been part of human culture and fashion for centuries, including out and about the town. 

But, what about at church? Is it rude to wear a hat to church? Read on below and explore the full-length answer!

Is it Rude to Wear a Hat to Church?

Traditionally speaking, it is considered openly rude for men to wear hats to church. Women, on the other hand, are sometimes given a free pass when it comes to wearing hats to church.

All things considered, it is generally considered ruder than not, to wear a hat to church (regardless of sex).

How Rude Is it?



Wearing a hat to church rates 9 out of 10 on the rude meter. That’s because, in most religions, it is a firm belief that men should not wear hats in church or any sort of head covering. 

For women, the rules are not often so clear or are even the opposite (as some religions demand women to cover their heads in church and other times). 

The bottom line is that people know better than to keep their hats on upon entering most buildings, particularly of the religious or business sort, like churches.

Why is it Rude?

Wearing a hat has always been considered rude inside churches, except for the case of Jewish synagogues (with the correct hats, that is). It has been a staple of modern human fashion etiquette to remove hats inside of the church (if not before entering the building). 

Catholics, in particular, find it rude when men wear any sort of covering on their heads while in the church. They do not, however, find it rude for women to wear hats inside of the church.

So, sometimes, whether or not it is seen as rude to wear a hat to church depends strictly on the religion (or the religious leaders who run the church).

Other Options to Do Instead

The only thing to do other than wear your hat to church is to not wear your hat to church! Unless you wish to offend those who you are attending church with and others in attendance at the religious function, take your hat off or leave it outside in your vehicle.

Common Questions

Is it ok to wear a hat at church?

Typically, it is considered rude to wear a hat at church (unless you know otherwise about the church you are attending). The thing to do is take the hat off before entering the church or leave the hat in the car.

Should you take your hat off in catholic churches?

Men should never wear a hat in a catholic church. Further, they should never wear sunglasses or anything else that would cause their head to be covered. Women, on the other hand, are allowed to cover their heads if they choose to do so.

What does the Bible say about hats?

The Bible clearly states that women should cover their heads. The matter is not so clear when it comes to males, in the Christian religion. Catholics on the other hand believe men should never cover their heads in church.