Is it Rude To Watch Plumber Work?

From time to time, something happens with our sinks, bathtubs, showers, drains, or pipes that we simply can’t (or don’t want to) fix on our own.

In these cases, we do the only thing we know how (besides calling our dad, if it is an option); we call a plumber.

But, despite how curious (or suspicious) you are, is it rude to watch the plumber work?

Read on below and find out the full and in-depth answer to this question!

Is it Rude To Watch a Plumber Work?

Whether or not it is actually rude to watch a plumber work depends on various factors like how close you are standing, what you are doing, how complicated the job is, and more.

Generally speaking, it is only rude to watch a plumber work if you are crowding their working space (and personal space).

Further, if you engage the plumber in small talk, just in order to be able to keep watching them work, is also considered rude by many plumbers.

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s scale of 1 to 10, watching the plumber work rates 7. 

For the most part, there is no reason for you to hang out and watch the plumber work rather than stepping away, giving them space, and allowing them to do their job in peace. 

The fact of the matter is that most plumbers prefer not to have someone watching over their shoulder as they work (which, isn’t that the case with most of us?).

No one likes a boss breathing down their neck, and plumbers don’t appreciate customers watching them like a hawk either.

Why is it Rude?

Watching a plumber work is like watching a teacher grading your paper… you aren’t qualified for the job or you’d be doing it (so, watching, as if you are supervising the task, is rather rude).

Most plumbers won’t ask you to leave them alone, but they may pretend they don’t hear you if you begin to disturb them.

The bottom line is, plumbers are typically paid hourly, or via service charge (based on an hourly wage and other fees in combination), and they want to get the job done just as soon as possible.

When you are watching the plumber work, they often go slower and end up semi-annoyed to fully agitated because you won’t let them get to work.

Common Questions

Why don’t plumbers like you watching them work?

Plumbers are human beings just like the rest of us. People appreciate privacy, even while on the job. 

The fact is that hardly anyone enjoys a boss or supervisor watching over their shoulder as they work, let alone a customer.

Why are plumbers so rude?

The stereotype that plumbers are rude is just that, a stereotype. 

The truth is, most plumbers are as friendly as your dear old grandad… but, when you stand around bugging them while they are trying to get their job done… well, they might just respond in a manner that seems rude.

Do plumbers need training?

Many plumbers attend a trade school where they learn the ins and outs of residential and commercial plumbing. 

But, not all plumbers have in-depth schooling. 

Plumbers need on-the-job training from an experienced professional at the very least.