Is it Rude to Unmatch on Hinge?

Anyone who’s used a dating app like Hinge knows how it goes: you get the app downloaded, installed, and an account created, and then blam, you start getting “matches” sent to your profile feed (or however the particular app works).

But, what about when you’re not interested in said matches? Is it rude to unmatch on Hinge and other apps like it? Read on and find out below!

Is it Rude to Unmatch on Hinge?

When you are matched with someone you’re uninterested in on hinge, it is best to unmatch right away.

The alternative to unmatching someone on Hinge, and similar dating and hookup apps, is an awkward conversation where you beat around the bush with excuses, or try honestly explain to some stranger why you don’t “like” being their “match”. 


How Rude Is it?


Unmatching on Hinge rates 1 out of 10 on the rude meter. If it could rate zero stars, it would. There is nothing rude about it, unmatching on Hinge and similar apps is much less rude and uncomfortable than the alternatives.

Why is it Not Rude?

It is far from rude to unmatch someone on Hinge or another similar app because the alternatives aren’t nearly as pretty. For example, can you imagine forcing yourself through conversations with someone you are obviously not interested in? And that is just the tip of the iceberg. 

When you have to explain to them that you’re not interested, and haven’t been from day one, or that you like them just as a friend… well, that’s when things get interesting (not in a good way).

Other Options to Do Instead

Depending on the app, if you don’t want to unmatch someone, you are left with only a couple of options:

  • Talk to the person, and pretend to be interested in the match
  • Talk to the person, and let them know that you aren’t interested in the match

The problem with pretending is that it is pretentious and when the other person finds out they are bound to have hurt feelings. 

You are also likely to feel guilty for not being more forthcoming about not liking the match.

Common Questions

Is it ok to unmatch right away?

It is perfectly fine for people to unmatch each other on Hinge and apps like it. The unmatch feature does exist for a reason, ya know? There should be no guilt felt for unmatching someone. On the other hand, pretending to be interested is rude.

Is unmatching seen as rude?

Unmatching someone isn’t typically seen as rude so long as it is done right away or early on. Once you start communicating with someone, unmatching them may be perceived as rude (regardless of what the person claims in their communications with you).

Why do people unmatch?

People unmatch each other for all sorts of reasons, though perhaps the most predominant one is not liking the way someone looks. Other common reasons for unmatching include locations, religions, professions, and other various factors that people feel strongly about or find impossible to accept.