Is it Rude to Talk To Someone With Sunglasses on?

Most of us own a pair or two of sunglasses that we love, whether we prefer wearing them for fashion or utility is another question.

But, is it rude to wear them while carrying on a conversation with someone?

Read on below and discover whether or not it is rude to talk to someone with sunglasses on!

Is it Rude to Talk To Someone With Sunglasses on?

Talking to someone with sunglasses on, especially indoors, is more often than not considered quite rude.

The fact is, sunglasses are made for protecting your eyes from the sun, not from keeping your eyes hidden from people you are carrying a conversation with.

It’s fine to greet someone or make passing comments, but when you stop for a full conversation while wearing sunglasses you should take them off.

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s scale of 1 to 10, talking to someone with sunglasses on rates 7

Keeping your sunglasses on your face while talking to someone in person is rude because they keep your eyes covered. 

Typically, when conversing with others, people feel most comfortable when both parties’ eyes are visible.

That means you are going to be considered rude if you don’t remove your sunglasses while you talk to someone.

Why is it Rude?

The main reason it is rude to talk to people with sunglasses on is that they can’t see your eyes.

Consider the fact that higher law enforcement typically wears sunglasses while they talk to and question people about crimes because it hides their eyes while allowing them to note every detail of the person’s eyes while they are having a conversation.

When you fail to remove your sunglasses while chatting with someone, in person, they may well feel that you are outright lying to them or at least attempting to hide something from them by shielding your eyes.

Common Questions

Why is it unthoughtful to talk with sunglasses on?

The most significant factor to consider about talking to people without removing sunglasses from your face is that it makes you appear unthoughtful. 

Even more, leaving your sunglasses on while chatting with someone may make you seen as untrustworthy or like you are hiding something.

When should I take my sunglasses off?

You should take your sunglasses when you are talking to people for more than a few seconds, as well as when you enter a building. 

Likewise, if you are driving a vehicle (or bike), and it becomes dark outside, you should remove the sunglasses for the safety purposes of yourself and others.

Is it weird to wear sunglasses at night?

Generally speaking, it may appear a little bit eccentric to some folks, but it isn’t actually all that weird to wear sunglasses at night in this day and age.

With all the vampires running around out there, and people who have light sensitivity (which flares up at night under bright lights), wearing your shades at night isn’t considered nearly as strange as it was fifty years ago.