Is it Rude to Talk About Money?

Today, money means more than ever. More specifically, people are more about how much money they have than at practically any other time in recorded history.

But, regardless of the fact that, to some degree, our lives revolve around money (earning it, spending it, and saving it, mainly), is it ok to talk about?

Or, is it rude to talk about money?

Read on below and learn the surprising answer to this crucial question!

Is it Rude to Talk About Money?

Talking about money, in general, isn’t always as rude as it is inappropriate at times.

That said, when all parties agree to have a conversation about finances, there isn’t anything wrong, or rude, about it.

The truth of the matter is, people are often touchy about their money situation. Even more, everyone’s money situation is vastly different (even people who technically “make” the same amount of money).

Hence, it is not nice to ask someone about their money situation in most situations. 

Rather, you should wait for people to volunteer their financial information or initiate the money conversation.

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s scale of 1 to 10, talking about money rates 7

Truthfully, how rude it is to talk about money is a really tricky rating to bestow due to all the factors you have to consider.

Before talking to someone about money, consider how well you know them, how private of a person they are, if you’ve spoken about finances before, and quite frankly, whether or not you have any place to do so or not.

Asking people how much money they have, save, spend, earn, or otherwise have access to is absolutely uncalled for.

Why is it Rude?

Starting a conversation with someone other than your parents or partner(s) should be avoided at all costs (pun intended).

Why is that so, you may be thinking?

Well, just be honest with yourself for a moment: would you like someone to ask you about money?

Whether they are asking about borrowing money, how much money you earn, or what you have to spend, lend, or save, is not relevant 

Most people don’t enjoy such lines of questioning/conversations with anyone other than their spouse and/or close family (and sometimes their best friends).

Common Questions

Why is talking about money rude?

Talking about money is a specific sort of conversation, one which is typically unnecessary unless your finances are personally tied up with the person you are talking to. 

Most people don’t want to hear about how much money you make or don’t make for that matter. 

To be honest, most people have more than enough to think about, regardless of their money situation, and don’t need your two cents added to the mix.

Why is it tacky to talk about money?

Talking about money is more often than not thought of as a tacky thing to do. 

Let’s face it… if you are talking about your money, chances are that you are basically bragging about your finances. 

Needless to say, no one appreciates such conversational topics.

When should you discuss money with someone?

The main times to discuss money with people are when you are splitting a bill, considering a joint purchase or investment, or otherwise having some financial history together.