Is it Rude To Slurp Tea?

Hot beverages, such as coffee, hot chocolate, and tea, are often slurped rather than sipped, due to their steamy temperature.

The fact is, many of us prefer to start in on our hot Tea before it cools down, which more often than not involves some slurping.

But, is it rude to slurp tea? Or, is it A-OK because everyone does it anyway?

Read on below and find out for yourself!

Is it Rude To Slurp Tea?

Slurping Tea is a mixed bag of tricks, because, the reality of the matter is that it is either rude as heck, or hardly rude at all, depending on who you talk to.

If you are in a Western coffee-drinking nation like the United States, chances are, your Tea slurping won’t even raise an eyebrow (unless it is ungodly loud and prolonged).

That said, if you are munching a crumpet in London at Tea time, you might end up under the London Tower in shackles for the faintest hint of a slurp to your sip.

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s scale of 1 to 10, slurping tea rates 8. The fact of the matter is that most Tea drinkers who care about etiquette, follow said etiquette to the “T.” No pun intended.

That means slurping is an absolute no-no and should never EVER be done… not even behind closed doors in the privacy of your own home.

Now, that is not to say that coffee drinkers who don’t even know how to make Tea, let alone drink it properly, feel the same way… because, well, slurping is a skill in their book, not an offense.

Why is it Rude?

Slurping tea is often considered rude for a couple of reasons; it sounds horrible and it interrupts both thoughts and conversation. 

Slurping tea is considered extra rude if it is done in the presence of others, such as at tea time or dinner.

Those who don’t consider slurping tea as rude behavior tend to be heavy coffee drinkers who prefer their beverages so hot one must learn the art of proper slurping.

Common Questions

Is it offensive to slurp?

Slurping a drink like Tea, or even liquids like soup is pretty much universally offensive.

When you slurp, the sound you make while sucking in those hot yummy fluids ranges from semi-annoying to full-blown disturbing depending on who is listening to you slurp.

Is it disrespectful to slurp Tea in Europe?

Slurping Tea may be considered extra rude in Europe where more cultures include some serious tea drinking.

As fate would have it, Americans tend to be the exact opposite; loud slurpers that prefer hot coffee over tea any day of the week ending in “day”.

What countries find it rude to slurp?

Just about every country on the make finds it rude to slurp, whether it be slurping soup, Tea, coffee, water, soda, or otherwise.

Only in the mighty island nation of Japan is slurping semi-safe, though it is best left for soup and noodles.