Is it Rude to Slurp Coffee?

Whether we are drinking at a coffee shop, a friend’s house, or the breakroom at work, we’ve all heard it before.

One minute conversation is bumping at your table, or, perhaps golden silence is making the moment magical… and then, sh-blam! A loud slurp breaks the mood.

But, is it rude of the coffee slurper? Or is slurping coffee perfectly acceptable in the eyes of the general public?

Read the full and detailed answer below!

Is it Rude to Slurp Coffee?

Slurping coffee is not exactly offensive, but it is rude nonetheless because it is extremely irritating and annoying.

To some people, the sound of slurping is also disgusting and no different than hearing someone pee or poop right there in front of them.

How Rude Is it?


On a scale of 1 to 10, slurping coffee rates 7 on the rude meter. Yes, that’s right. We all do it, and we all are rude as heck for doing so.

The good thing is that when most people realize they are doing it, they stop immediately. Decent folks even apologize for slurping when they notice they have been doing it!

Why is it Rude?

Slurping on coffee alone is one thing, but slurping on it at work, in a meeting, with friends, and family, or out in public is another animal.

To most people. Slurping is a lot like burping or farting; it is something they would rather not hear.

Other Options to Do Instead

In the case that you are a serial slurper, perhaps avoiding coffee drinking in public (or with other people altogether is an option), but it isn’t a good one.

A few of the best other options to do instead of slurping coffee include:

  • Staying aware of where you are (and who can hear you if you slurp)
  • Only slurp if other people are slurping
  • Slurp in order to flirt
  • Use a lid, that way you can only sip
  • Train yourself in the ancient art of silent slurping
  • Find another way to prevent yourself from slurping audibly

Common Questions

Why is it rude to slurp coffee?

Slurping coffee is rude because it is loud and is lacks what many would explain as tact. In other words, it is a slobby thing to do. Even if your coffee is hot, you shouldn’t slurp it if you are at work, in a meeting, driving someone somewhere, or otherwise in the presence of other people.

Is it rude to slurp coffee on break at work?

It is rude to slurp on your coffee no matter where you happen to be, including at work, whether on break, before you clock in, or otherwise. Basically, don’t slurp your coffee unless you are alone if you want to be safe.

Should I slurp coffee in front of someone I like?

You shouldn’t really slurp coffee in front of anyone, except maybe your spouse and children (because they will put up with it, to some degree – not because it is polite). That said, in some cases, the slurping sound may trigger an unconscious erotic auditory response in people’s brains who hear you slurping. So, yes, you can slurp a time or two around someone you like, just to see how they react.