Is it Rude To Send Work Emails Late at Night?

At the end of a long work day (or night) it is easy to forget about something you needed to tell someone. 

But, is it rude to send work emails late at night, after you’ve made it home and remembered something important? Read on below and find out!

Is it Rude To Send Work Emails Late at Night?

Sometimes we finish up work late at night or have been at home for hours already when we remember a report, memo, or another piece of information that needs to be passed along.

There is nothing rude about sending a late-night email for work-related reasons unless the email was expected earlier.

How Rude Is it?

Sending work emails late at night rates 2 out of 10 on the rude meter. The only reason sending late-night work emails rates any stars at all is that sometimes the emails we send late at night should be sent by the end of the work day for some sort of business function.

Otherwise, there is no rudeness associated with emailing late at night. Emails do not ding or chirp or ring as calls and text messages do. That means your email won’t interrupt anyone if they are asleep or relaxing.

Why is it Not Rude?

Emailing someone late at night for work reasons is not rude unless the email is late, as in business-wise. 

Meaning, if you are expected to send a 6 PM end-of-day report view email, and you forgot until 10 PM, there may be some rudeness associated with the action. 

That said, it is still a better option to send that email late at night than wait until the next day before sending it.

Other Options to Do Instead

If you want to avoid sending work emails late at night, here are a few other options to do instead:

  • Set an alarm on your phone or computer to remind yourself when to send emails
  • Email the person earlier in the day
  • Email the person first thing in the morning
  • Make a phone call and leave a voice mail if it is very important
  • Send a text message if it is semi-important

Common Questions

Is it rude to email a job late at night?

It isn’t rude to email a job late at night unless you are expecting it done in some ridiculous amount of time. Calling or texting late at night is much more rude and uncalled for.

Is it rude to send emails after work?

It is not rude to send emails after work, especially if they are important for other people that you work with. There is a huge difference between emailing and texting or calling people about work-related stuff late at night.

What time is too late to send a work email?

There is technically no time that is too late to send a work email. The thing with emails is that they don’t make a noise like calls or texts and they can be easily ignored by the receiver until they are ready to open it and read it.