Is it Rude To Say You Guys?

You guys reading this article have probably heard the term “you guys” thrown around a few times in your lifetimes…

But, is it rude to say, you guys?

Read on below and explore the in-depth answer to this question.

Is it Rude To Say You Guys?

Saying “you guys” isn’t as often considered rude as it is thought of as unprofessional or even impolite.

However, amongst friends, family, or a group of classmates or co-workers, grabbing everyone’s attention by addressing the entire gathering as “you guys” isn’t likely to be seen as rude.

The truth is, the main time people think of this sort of language as rude is during official meetings or other important gatherings such as court hearings. 

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s scale of 1 to 10, saying “you guys” rates 2. Honestly? Saying you guys could probably be rated as a 0 out of 10 on the rude meter. 

For the most part, hardly anyone is ever offended when someone addresses the group as “you guys”. 

There are, however, exceptions (and isn’t that nearly always the case).

But, sometimes, someone manages to find a way to use the saying in an unprofessional or offensive manner… hence we’ve rated it a tad bit higher up the scale.

Why isn’t it Rude?

Calling a group of people “you guys”, whether, in class, work, or a gathering of friends and family is rarely ever perceived as rude.

The fact of the matter is, there isn’t much that’s actually rude about the words, or the underlying meaning (which is simply to address everyone at one time).

Today, most everyone understands that the word “guys” doesn’t refer to a group of males, rather it designated an entire group of people (including men, women, and children).

So long as you aren’t purposefully trying to downplay a group of people’s importance, or social status, by addressing them as “you guys”, no one is likely to be offended.

Common Questions

What else to call people instead of “guys”?

There are numerous words you can replace “guys” with when addressing multiple people at once. 

A few of the best options include all, people, team, peeps, folks, crew, and squad.

That said, unless you are an English professor or a $ 500-an-hour attorney, no one is likely to care if you use the word “guys” or the word “people”.

Why is saying “you guys” sometimes rude?

Honestly, it is rather rare for someone to take the term “you guys” to heart as an offense. Perhaps, a feminist may take offense at being addressed as “guy”… however, it isn’t likely. 

And, in fact, in these cases, it is typically the party being addressed that is the rude one (by taking something harmless and turning it into an argument)

Are females offended by the term “you guys”?

Most females aren’t offended by the term “you guys”, because they understand they are not actually being addressed as guys literally. 

Similarly, most females are offended when you say dude, or man (more often, they feel like one of the guys when you use said language around them).