Is it Rude to Say Thanks for Asking?

We have all been there: someone has both surprised us and touched our hearts with a question that comes from a place of what we perceive as respect and/or genuine concern toward us and our well-being (or that of our entire family).

A common way to respond is by answering honestly and then adding a quick “thanks for asking!” at the end of our response.

But, is it rude to say thanks for asking? Read on below and learn the surprising answer!

Is it Rude to Say Thanks for Asking?

Telling something “thanks for asking” after they’ve asked you a question isn’t rude, it’s considerate. That said, in the case that “thanks for asking” is said in a sarcastic tone, or with malicious/passive-aggressive intent, it is definitely considered rude.

If you are sincere and have asked the question posed to you, saying thanks for asking afterward is far from rude. It is, in actuality most often viewed as simple and polite behavior.

How Rude Is it?


Saying thanks for asking rates 3 out of 10 on the rude meter. If said with sincerity, the action rates zero stars for rudeness, while if it is said with sarcasm (or meanness), it ranks much higher on the rude meter (approximately 7 to 9 stars worth of rudeness).

Why is it Not Rude?

Saying thanks for asking in response to someone asking you something isn’t rude; it is merely being polite. The main time saying thanks for asking is considered rude is when it is said with mock enthusiasm, sarcasm, or in a passive-aggressive spirit.

Other Options to Do Instead

There is no real need to avoid saying thanks for asking, as it isn’t likely to be interrupted as rude in the first place. However, if you prefer, you may consider saying something a bit longer, such as “thank you so much for asking” or “thank you kindly for asking”.

Common Questions

How to reply to thanks for asking?

When someone says thanks for asking, there is no right or wrong reply so long as your response isn’t sarcastic or passive-aggressive. A simple nod or a “your welcome” will suffice in most situations.

Is saying thanks for asking too casual?

The term thanks for asking is short for thank you for asking (which is not much of a difference at all). The saying is sometimes considered casual, other times a bit formal. The type and tone of the conversation dictate the answer to this question. If you know the person very well, you may skip the niceties, as they should know that you are appreciative of their care.

Is saying thanks for your concern rude?

Replying to someone with “thanks for your concern” as part of your response is not rude at all. However, you can make it rude by saying it in a less-than-sincere manner. More or less, so long as you are not being sarcastic, and you genuinely feel appreciative of their concern, there is nothing at all rude about telling someone thanks for your concern.