Is it Rude to Say Per My Last Email?

Sometimes, we need results, and we need them yesterday. 

But, when we send a second, third, or fourth email in a row asking someone about the report we’re waiting on, should we use language like “per my last email”? 

Or is that rude? Read on below and learn the truth of the matter.

Is it Rude to Say Per My Last Email?

Using the term “per my last email”, in today’s world of woke workers, is indeed considered rude primarily in a passive-aggressive sort of way. 

That said, if the rest of the email is of a respectful tone, it may be overlooked and not blown out of proportion or taken as rude.

It is better to avoid using the term, however, regardless of your intentions. Your intentions are not always clear when the recipient reads the email, meaning, it may come off as rude even if it isn’t. 

So, why risk it?

How Rude Is it?


On a scale of 1 to 10, saying per my last email rates 5 on the rude meter. The reason it rates right in the middle of the scale is that it is genuinely half and half. 

Some folks find the rude contentious and condescending, while others look at it as nothing more than a poorly worded sentence (from someone trying to sound professional).

Why is it Rude?

It is always rude to use the term say per my last email these days. The reason is that people perceive the phrase as passive-aggressive in nature.

If you want to be safe, simply don’t use the term. Rather, write out what you mean (or leave the sentence out altogether).

Why is it Not Rude?

It isn’t always rude to use the phrase per my last email because it can be used quite literally, and there is nothing wrong with such language.

So long as the body, and point, of the email, is on point, and respectful, there is nothing rude about it.

Other Options to Do Instead

If you’re looking for other things to say instead of “per my last email”, consider the following:

  • I’m following up…
  • Just circling back…
  • Checking in on things…
  • I was just wondering…
  • Have you had time to…
  • As we previously discussed

There are never-ending ways to say the same thing, in other words.

Common Questions

How do you use per say?

Using the term per say is like saying according to or according with. So, to use “per” with “last email”, is simply a way to say according to the last email. 

How to refer to your last email?

There are plenty of ways to refer to a previous email or message, the main various ways include; “per our last email”, in “our last email”, and “as mentioned in our previous conversation”. 

When should you not say per say?

Per say is really a poor choice of words to use in this day and age. The term is so old-fashioned, you nearly need a stone tablet and a hand axe (made from stone) to even write it. Per say is a dinosaur or a word, such as therefore, henceforth, flabbergasted, and expialidocious.