Is it Rude to Say No Comment?

It’s not at all uncommon, whether in protest to answering a touchy question or as a clever way of inadvertently admitting guilt about something, to use the phrase “no comment” during a conversation with someone.

But, is it rude to say no comment? Or, do people somewhat expect the “no comment” comment from time to time?

Read on below and learn all about saying no comment and the rudeness factor involved with using the term.

Is it Rude to Say No Comment?

Saying “no comment” in a joking or flirtatious manner isn’t rude. Further, saying no comment, in general, isn’t seen so much as rude as it is viewed as a lukewarm answer (or non-answer, rather).

Many people view the phrase “no comment” as an automatic confession of guilt when it is used in response to a complaint or accusation lodged against them (whether jokingly or in the utmost serious manner)

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s scale of 1 to 10, saying no comment rates 5

The main reason we’ve rated saying no comment directly in the middle of our rude scale is that it is often used as an admission of guilt, or in a sarcastic and slightly meanish way.

All things considered, however, saying no comment isn’t always rude – not by a long shot, in fact.

Sometimes we say no comment during conversations with our friends, loved ones, and peers with nothing but love in our hearts (and perhaps a bit of amusement).

Why is it Rude?

It’s rude to say no comment to someone when you could easily give them a more thorough answer. 

Even more, it’s even ruder when you say no comment to someone when they genuinely deserve a confession or explanation about something (from you).

Why isn’t it Rude?

It’s not rude to say no comment, so long as it’s said in jest, or in an otherwise lighthearted manner. 

In fact, “no comment” is a great way to say “yes” in a flirtatious way. 

For example, if someone asks if you like the way they look, and you say no comment. In essence, you are saying “yes, I do.”

Common Questions

Is it impolite to say no comment?

For the most part, it is only impolite to say no comment to someone when they are in need of an explanation. 

Additionally, giving someone a “no comment” in place of a confession that they deserve to hear is also incredibly rude.

What is the meaning of saying no comment?

The meaning of no comment is, on one hand, exactly what it seems; it means you have no comment about whatever someone is trying to address or otherwise discuss with you. 

But, sometimes, it means “I’m guilty but don’t wanna say anything else about it”, while other times the saying is used as a way to tease and flirt.

What are some nice ways to say no comment?

There isn’t much that is rude about saying no comment, as far as word choice goes. 

But, if you are so inclined to word it otherwise, there are several great options. 

Some of the nicest ways to say no comment include “I’d like to answer that, but I can’t”, “I apologize, but that information is confidential”, and “sorry, I really wish I could help you.”