Is it Rude to Say Like I Said?

It happens all the time; you’re having a conversation with someone and the next thing you know, they pop off with a “like I said” statement, and of course, it makes you feel like a forgetful dummy. 

But, is it actually rude for someone to say “like I said”? Read on and find out, below!

Is it Rude to Say Like I Said?

To many people, “like I said” is a loaded statement that translates roughly to “you are an idiot because you forgot something that I, who is not an idiot, did not forget”. That is precisely why it is mainly considered rude to say things like “like I said” or “as I said”. 

The fact is that there are far more graceful ways to remind people of something you have already said (or something they have indeed forgotten) without making them feel lower than you (or stupid).

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s scale of 1 to 10, saying “like I said” to someone rates 9 out of 10. Remember, there is always a kinder or more intelligent way to remind someone of something they may have forgotten. 

Even when it hurts our feelings that someone forgets something we told them, it’s not nice to turn around and make them feel bad.

Why is it Rude?

Reminding someone of something that has slipped their mind isn’t rude; it’s when making statements during conversations with phrases like “like I said” or “as I previously mentioned” that it is typically viewed as rude. 

In truth, there are so many ways to address an issue without making yourself appear condescending to the person you are talking with that it really is rude to use phrases like “like I said”. 

Other Options to Do Instead

The best way to approach a conversation with someone that has forgotten something, or in which you must repeat something you have already said (most probably on more than one occasion), is by simply repeating what it is you want to say.

That’s right: the best thing to do instead of saying “as I said” or “like I said” is simply to say it again (without what may be perceived as an attitude by the person you are talking to).

Common Questions

What does “like I said” really mean?

Like I said typically really means “look, I said this before, you weren’t paying attention, didn’t care enough to remember, or otherwise felt like what I said was important enough to remember… so I am saying it again”.

Why do people say “as I said”?

The truth of the matter is, a lot of people say “as I said” because they are offended, or annoyed, that you weren’t paying attention or didn’t care to remember what they have already said to you. That said, sometimes say this in a teasing way as well. Unless you know the person, you are not likely to know how they really mean it.

Is saying “as I previously mentioned” rude?

Using the phrase “as I previously mentioned” in your conversation with someone is typically seen as rude because it implies you remember something and they don’t. Many people perceive these kinds of statements as direct slights to their person or character.