Is it Rude to Say FYI?

Just so you know, FYI stands for “for your information”. Further, the term has become commonplace in today’s world, both in and out of the workplace (and school). 

But, is it rude to say FYI? Read on and find out!

Is it Rude to Say FYI?

FYI, meaning for your information is a term that is thrown around daily, at home, at school, and yes, even in the professional workplace. It is not considered rude to say FYI to someone, especially in written communications, or if you are strapped for time.

However, the moment that you say FYI out of aggression, passively or not, it indeed becomes a very rude thing to say to someone.

How Rude Is it?


On a scale of 1 to 10, saying FYI rates 3 on the rude meter. If it weren’t for the fact that some people use FYI habitually as a passive-aggressive phrase or attack. Otherwise, we’d rate saying FYI a 1 on the rude meter.

All in all? Saying FYI is fine and not seen as rude if used in a respectful and purposeful way.

Why is it Not Rude?

It is not typically considered rude to say FYI, for professional or otherwise legitimate reasons. 

However, everyone’s idea of what is professional or otherwise a legitimate reason, differs at least slightly (if not vastly).

The bottom line is, all you are really saying is: “just so you know” or “I’d like you to know” (before giving them whatever bit of information you feel the need to share)

Other Options to Do Instead

When you aren’t sure if it is rude or not to say FYI, whether at home, work, school, hanging out with friends, or otherwise, there are actually quite a few other options to say instead:

  • I want you to know
  • A tidbit of info you might want to know about
  • Here’s the current DL with things
  • Do you remember
  • So everyone is on the same page
  • I have a notification for you
  • Here’s the deal
  • It should be brought to your attention
  • I must mention that
  • So that you are fully aware
  • Just for your personal information

Common Questions

Do professionals use the term FYI?

Yes, professionals probably use FYI more than any other group of people in the world besides teenagers. That said, professionals do not use the term in an aggressive way (not even passive-aggressive), or it is considered rude.

Is it ok to say FYI at work or school?

It is perfectly fine to use the term FYI at work or school. The most important factor to remember about using the phrase FYI is that you should never use it as an attack, or in a passive-aggressive way (or it will indeed be interpreted as rude, which it should be in such a case).

What to say instead of FYI?

The best things to say instead of FYI include; just so you know, for your information, just to let you know, so we are all on the same page, just so everyone is aware, and for your perusal.