Is it Rude To Put Your Feet On Someone’s Couch?

We’ve all got that friend or family member that we are comfortable with, and when we visit their homes we treat it as if it were genuinely our own… including their couch.

But, is it rude to put your feet on someone’s couch? Read on below and find out the answer!

Is it Rude To Put Your Feet On Someone’s Couch?

Putting your feet on someone’s couch is normally considered rude, period. The main reasons behind it are because your shoes are dirty, or your feet may be unclean or smelly. 

Our feet are often the part of our body that is the dirtiest and most likely to be carrying dirt and germs. 

By putting your feet on someone’s couch, you are most likely making it unclean to some degree… which is rude, period.

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s rudeness scale of 1 to 10, putting your feet on someone’s couch rates 9

Even if you are in someone’s home that you know and love, it is still rude to put your feet on their couch if your feet aren’t clean.

Feet are the part of the body that is in constant contact with the floor, or ground, which means dirt, debris, and germs.

That means, unless you are wearing socks, which are clean, and don’t smell, you shouldn’t ever put your feet on someone’s couch unless you want to be viewed as rude.

Why is it Rude?

Putting our feet on our own couches at home is one thing, but popping our feet up onto someone else’s couch is not the same. 

Because our feet are dirty, we shouldn’t put our feet on other people’s furniture. 

At our own homes, we have time to take our shoes off, change our socks, or even shower before we put our feet on the couch. 

In someone else’s home, or in a professional environment, you should keep your feet on the ground.

Common Questions

Is putting your feet up rude?

Putting your feet up is only rude, for the most part, if you are in a formal environment, such as at work or a business meeting, or if your feet are dirty.

When you are at home, or at someone’s house that you are close to, putting your feet up is perfectly fine if your feet are clean. 

Is it rude to show the soles of your feet?

In some cultures, such as in India, showing the soles of your feet anywhere is rude (even to other people in your own home).

That’s because the soles of your feet are the dirtiest part of your body and may be carrying germs and debris.

In western cultures, however, like in the United States, there is nothing rude about showing the soles of your feet so long as they are clean.

What does it mean when someone puts their feet up?

When someone puts their feet up it means, typically, one or two things; they could be comfortable in your presence, or they could be tired and their feet may hurt.

In some cases, someone may be showing you a direct sign of disrespect by putting their feet up.