Is it Rude To Post Baby Registry on Facebook?

Before the internet, we used to send invitations to our baby showers via snail mail, or hand them out in person.

Today, we post baby registries online, most commonly on Facebook. That way everyone can see what it is that we need for our new baby. 

But, is it rude? Read on below and discover the answer.

Is it Rude to Post a Baby Registry on Facebook?

Posting a baby registry on Facebook is not viewed as it was a decade ago; today, posting a baby registry online isn’t considered rude. It is actually expected and looked for by those who are invited to your baby shower.

How Rude Is it?


On a scale of 1 to 10, posting a baby registry on Facebook rates 1 on the rude meter. Once upon a time, it was considered somewhat rude to post a baby registry online, but today it is seen as a standard move to make for the parents-to-bo.

Why is it Not Rude?

Posting a baby registry on Facebook, or anywhere online for that matter, isn’t considered rude these days. The fact is, posting a baby registry on Facebook (or online in general), is one of the most commonsense methods to use. 

By posting the baby registry on Facebook, everyone who wants to get you a gift (or feels obligated to) knows exactly what sort of things you and your baby need. 

In fact, without a publicly visible baby registry, it can be downright frustrating for people who are planning on buying you a gift to guess what you need.

Other Options to Do Instead

There is no need to consider an alternative option to posting your baby registry on Facebook (or whatever platform you prefer). 

That said, it doesn’t hurt to reach out to your best friends and closest family members and let them know what you have already received and been promised by others. 

That way there is no need to return any wasted gifts.

Common Questions

How do you share a baby registry politely?

Sharing a baby registry isn’t rude. All you need to do, to be “polite” about it, is use soft language. The last thing you want people to feel is that they have no choice in the matter once they’ve seen the post. If people want to buy you and your baby something, they will do so, baby registry or not.

What do you say when you post a baby registry?

There is no right or wrong thing to say when you post your baby registry online. That said, it helps to sound upbeat, energetic, and yet casual. You don’t want anyone feeling forced. Try something like “Hello and welcome to our baby registry” or “Thanks so much for taking the time to see what we could still use for our little one!”

Is Facebook OK for posting my baby registry?

Facebook is the perfect platform for posting baby registries these days. Almost everyone is on Facebook, and it is the most likely place that your actual friends and family will see the registry. Otherwise, you’d need to mail out individual copies of the list in snail mail or through email or messages.