Is it Rude to Park in Someone’s Driveway?

Sometimes nearby parking is scarce, if available at all. So, what happens when all the parking spaces on the street are taken?

Is it rude to park in someone’s driveway? Read on below for the full answer and explanation!

Is it Rude to Park in Someone’s Driveway?

Parking in someone’s driveway may be tempting when you are scanning the street for a space to park your car, but it is almost always considered rude to do so.

Unless you know the person, and you’ve previously spoken to them about it (or plan to do so as soon as you park), you should avoid parking in people’s driveways and reserved parking places.

How Rude Is it?


On a scale of 1 to 10, parking in someone’s driveway rates 9 on the rude meter.

To some people, parking in their driveway without asking first is extremely rude. On the other hand, some folks, especially those who don’t own a car, don’t seem to mind at all. 

The problem is, unless you know the person whose driveway you are considering parking in, you won’t know which category they fall into until you’ve already parked your car on their property.

Is that a risk you are willing to take? Further, are you willing to be seen as a rude person by doing so, if it is the first type of person, rather than the latter?

Why is it Rude?

Parking in someone’s driveway is more than often not a rude thing to do, because, the truth is, even if someone gives you permission, they probably aren’t going to like it very much. 

Furthermore, parking in someone’s driveway with no warning, let alone asking them for permission, is almost always going to be seen as rude… because it is. 

How would you feel if someone parked in your driveway without asking? Would it make a difference if it was a random stranger or a neighbor? 

Keep your answers in mind the next time you think about parking in someone else’s driveway.

Common Questions

Should I park in my neighbor’s driveway?

Unless you have absolutely no other choice, and you have already spoken to them (or will do so immediately after parking your vehicle), you should by no means park in your neighbor’s driveway (or anyone else’s driveway for that matter).

Is it ok to turn around in someone’s driveway?

So long as the driveway doesn’t require you to get out and open a gate or closure of some sort, most people won’t mind (or even notice) if you use their driveway to turn around. 

Now, that’s not to say you should get out, stretch, read a map, and have a picnic in their driveway (you should turn your vehicle around as quickly and safely as possible and go on down the road).

What do you do when someone parks or blocks your driveway?

The best approach to take with someone who is parking in your driveway, or otherwise blocking your driveway is a direct (but polite) one. 

Simply ask them who they are, what they are doing, and if they can please move their vehicle or otherwise unblock your driveway.