Is it Rude to Park in Front of Neighbor’s House?

Have you ever parked in front of a neighbor’s house? We know that we sure have… more times than we can count.

Sometimes there are no other choices, especially if you live on a busy street where the houses sit close together.

But, was it rude of us to park in front of their house? Or, is it ok to park in front of a neighbor’s house? 

Read on below and learn the truth to this crucial question for anyone who lives in a classic neighborhood with individual houses (rather than an apartment)!

Is it Rude to Park in Front of a Neighbor’s House?

Most people are fine with you parking in front of their house, so long as it is temporary and doesn’t block access to their driveway (or parking spaces). 

Keep in mind that in most places, people do not own the road, or shoulder of the road. That means, you don’t really have a say in whether a neighbor parks in front of your house or not.

But, neighbors are still likely to see the action as unwanted if it is not absolutely necessary, as well as rude and uncalled for. 

So, if you want to lose respect with your neighbors, or step on their toes and see how they react (or how well they can ignore you), by all means, start parking directly in front of their house.

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s scale of 1 to 10, parking in front of a neighbor’s house rates 9

The most significant (and basic) reason that parking in front of a neighbor’s house rates so high is because a person’s home is their castle… or in other words, it is their domain and territory. 

Parking in front of your neighbor’s house is similar to one nation invading a neighboring country. It is not welcomed, or appreciated, especially without asking first.

That said, if there is no other option, what else can you do? However, once parked, or before doing so, having a quick word with your neighbor about may help you not appear to be so rude.

Why is it Rude?

Parking in front of someone’s house is more likely to be soon as rude than as welcome. 

Quite the opposite, most people find it incredibly rude for neighbors to park in front of our home instead of theirs.

Even though we don’t technically own the curb in front of our home, we still feel like belongs to us. 

That is why when people park in front of our houses we may get up in arms about it.

Common Questions

Can I legally park in front of someone’s home?

In most places, no one owns the roads that line their homes (unlike their driveways). That is why, technically, anyone can legally park in front of someone else’s home.

The main exception to this rule is if the person parking there places their vehicle in a way that blocks the homeowner’s driveway or designated legal parking place.

How do I stop someone from parking in front of my home?

There are very few legal ways to deal with someone who is parking in front of your home, whether it is your neighbor or a total stranger.

The exception is if they are acting suspiciously, in which case you should call local law enforcement and inform them about the situation. Otherwise, unless the parking party is blocking access to your driveway or parking place.