Is it Rude to Order Pizza in the Rain?

Today, pizza is among the top food picks, worldwide. One of the best parts about pizza is that you can order it from the couch, office, or practically anywhere.

Even more, you can order pizza no matter what the weather is. But, what about when it’s raining?

Is it rude to order pizza in the rain? Read on below and find out!

Is it Rude to Order Pizza in the Rain?

Ordering pizza in the rain isn’t rude, it’s expected by the pizza joints. In fact, once the rain starts falling, pizza places batten down the hatches and prepare for the influx of orders.

When it rains, more people order a pizza than when it’s not raining. The pizza places know this and they are ready for it, including the delivery drivers.

That’s why it isn’t rude to order pizza in the rain. The exception is when you order pizza in the rain and don’t give the delivery driver a tip.

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s scale of 1 to 10, ordering pizza in the rain rates 1

Ordering pizza in the rain isn’t rude unless you decide not to tip the delivery guy or gal.

In fact, when it’s rainy weather, pizza places are used to receiving and delivering more orders than they otherwise do in fair weather.

In other words, the only reason ordering pizza in the rain would be rude is if you decide the driver isn’t getting a tip.

Why isn’t it Rude?

For the most part, pizza places expect a bunch more orders for delivery when it’s raining than when the weather is nice. 

That’s because people tend to want to go out less when it rains.

Pizza drivers don’t mind delivery in the rain, because it’s their job to do so and the tips tend to be a bit higher during bad weather than it is on regular deliveries.

Common Questions

Is it mean to order pizza in the rain?

It isn’t mean to order a pizza in the rain unless you don’t tip the delivery driver. Delivering pizza in the rain isn’t exactly fun. 

Businesses such as pizza places and delivery app services are used to deliver orders in the rain. 

Further, these businesses and their employees are counting on it.

Do pizza places deliver in the rain?

Yes, almost all major pizza places deliver orders in the rain. 

Even more, they are expecting orders to come flooding in when the weather gets bad. 

That means there is nothing rude about it. Just make sure to tip the delivery driver and its all good!

Does DoorDash do delivery in the rain?

DoorDash delivery drivers deliver orders whether it is rain, shine, or even snow. DoorDash workers choose to take the orders they deliver. 

That means, if they don’t want to deliver in the rain, they won’t choose the order. 

However, there is almost always a DoorDash worker who’ll ignore the rain and go get that money (so, don’t be afraid to order in the rain).