Is it Rude To Order Doordash Late at Night?

We all need to eat, no matter what time of day (or night) it is. Apps like Doordash make it easy to achieve when we don’t feel like going out to get food.

But, is it rude to order from Doordash late at night? Read on, and find out below!

Is it Rude To Order Doordash Late at Night?

It isn’t rude to order Doordash at any time of the day or night, period. The delivery people log in to the app and work on their own time when they want to.

In other words, it is not rude to help someone earn some extra money, as a Doordash driver, if they choose to do so late at night.

How Rude Is it?


On a scale of 1 to 10, ordering Doordash late at night rates 1 on the rude meter. If we could rate someone with a zero on the rude meter, we would rate ordering Doordash late at night a big fat zero indeed. 

Why is it Not Rude?

There is absolutely nothing wrong or rude about ordering delivery from someone who is actively trying to earn some extra cash.

That’s right, it is not rude to order Doordash late at night, because these delivery drivers choose to work late hours. 

The bottom line is, Doordash drivers are willing to work at night, and they earn money doing it. They are offering a service, and you are paying for it. In that, there is nothing rude occuring.

Other Options to Do Instead

There is no real reason to avoid using Doordash late at night, especially if you are in a major city where there are dozens of drivers available at all hours of the night and day.

That said, if you feel awkward about it, you can always try a few other options instead:

  • Order from Doordash earlier (so you don’t feel bad or be hungry)
  • Set an alarm so you remember to order before it gets too late
  • Have someone order for you if you are busy
  • Go out and get some food or pay someone else to do so
  • Buy food earlier, and warm it up when you are ready
  • Cook something with ingredients from your fridge

Common Questions

How late is too late to order food with Doordash?

Ordering food with Doordash is a great alternative method to procure some hot food when you are hungry, and the best part about it is that it is never too late to order!

Honestly. It is never, ever, ever-ever too late to order food with Doordash (if you live in a big city). There are always drivers available to make deliveries, and they are willing and ready.

Is ordering food late rude?

It is never rude to order food from a place that is open, taking orders, and making deliveries. Likewise, it is not rude to use an App like Doordash that has willing drivers ready and waiting to make deliveries in exchange for a bit of cash. 

Do delivery drivers dislike late-night orders?

Delivery drivers surprisingly don’t dislike late-night orders at all, for the most part. Generally speaking, late-night orders are quicker to pick up and drop off as most businesses are far less busy at night and there is less traffic on the road as well.