Is it Rude to Order Doordash in the Snow?

Doordash is an app with a focus on food ordering and delivery, all online.

No matter what time of day it is, so long as there are food places open, you can order delivery from Doordash.

But, what about ordering Doordash in the snow? Is it rude?

Read on below and discover the full and in-depth answer to this question!

Is it Rude to Order Doordash in the Snow?

Ordering food from a delivery service in the snow, such as Doordash, is not rude at all. 

The fact of the matter is, delivery apps and local businesses rely on your orders to survive, be it in the rain, sun, or snow.

Doordash delivery drivers, just like pizza drivers, expect a sharp increase of orders during the rain and snow.

Further, they often look forward to the extra tips that come with delivering food to customers during bad weather.

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s scale of 1 to 10, ordering Doordash in the snow rates 1

There is nothing rude about ordering from Doordash in the snow (or rain, sleet, and hail for that matter).

 So long as they are open for business (which is virtually all of the time), there is nothing out of the way (or rude) about giving the company your business by ordering food.

The truth is that these delivery services need your orders, even in the snow and rain, to help their employees make a living.

Why isn’t it Rude?

Delivery companies, including apps like Doordash, expect orders 24/7, night, day, rain, sun, shine, and yes, even in the snow.

There is nothing rude about ordering from a delivery service that is open (whether it is snowing, raining, or blowing harder than normal).

Common Questions

Does Doordash deliver in all weather?

Yes, Doordash employees take and deliver orders at all times of day and in all types of weather.

That means you can even order Doordash during the snowiest times of the winter (with the possible exception of blackout blizzard conditions when it is illegal for cars to be on the road).

What time does Doordash stop delivering?

Technically speaking, Doordash workers (called “dashers”) are available for orders and delivery at all hours of the day. 

That said, restaurants must also be open if you want to order from them. 

So, in other words, Doordash doesn’t stop delivering so long as there is a business open that they can pick up your order from.

Do Doordash people mind delivering in the snow?

Generally speaking, Doordash workers don’t mind delivering in the snow, because it is their job (or side gig). 

However, if a particular dasher doesn’t want to deliver during the snow, they simply won’t accept the order (and it will be picked up by a dasher who doesn’t mind delivering in the snow).

That means, you can order anytime, in any weather and the chances are some brave dasher is going to pick up your order (most likely needing the money, and hoping for a decent tip due to bad weather conditions).