Is It Rude To Order Delivery in the Snow?

Today, there is a delivery app, or delivery service in general, for nearly everything. Further, no matter what time of day or night it is, delivery is still available more often than not.

But, what about when it’s snowing outside?

Is it considered rude to order delivery in the snow? Read on below and find out the answer, with an in-depth explanation!

Is it Rude to Order Delivery in Snow?

In this day and age, almost everyone orders delivery from time to time. 

But, how about when the weather is cold, wet, and snowy? Should you order food and other delivery services in such weather conditions, or hold avoid it? 

We don’t think ordering delivery in snow conditions is rude, and neither should you (except ordering delivery in very specific circumstances, like extremely dangerous snow storms).

How Rude Is it?


Ordering delivery in the snow ranks 2 out of 10 on our rude meter: the fact is, delivery workers are well-equipped and prepared to brave the cold and snowy weather with your orders. But, if you don’t tip them well, and make the trek worth their extra struggle, the otherwise perfectly normal business transaction transforms into a rude interaction.

Why is it Rude?

Ordering delivery in a snowy situation isn’t nearly as rude as it seems at first glance. But, there may be elements of rudeness to calling on delivery services during the snow.

For example, if you do not tip the delivery person it is considered extremely rude. 

After all, the fact that the delivery person is freezing half to death, braving the elements, while you sit at home, warm and comfortable, with your feet propped up, doesn’t change simply because “it’s their job”.

Why is it Not Rude?

Ordering something with a delivery service while it is snowing outside isn’t considered rude at all, by most people. There are several factors that play into this opinion, including the primary reason; it is the job of the delivery person to deliver orders regardless of weather conditions, a responsibility they agree to upon taking the job in the first place. 

Further, isn’t it the fact that decent customers tip the delivery person quite a bit more during snow than they do on sunny weather days? Likewise, would the snow severely hurt the delivery people’s pockets if no one ordered delivery in the snow?

Other Options to Do Instead

In typically snowy weather ordering something with a delivery service isn’t really all that rude if it is rude at all. The delivery people are paid well, tipped well, and more importantly, are dressed well and mentally prepared for the occasion.

That said, ordering during a blizzard is a horse of a different color. While you may still be able to order delivery, it may be considered pretty rude to expect someone to risk their lives to bring you something.

Common Questions

What is rude to order food during the snow?

No, it is not considered rude at all to order food during the snow. The apps you use and companies you order delivery from have employees that are well-prepared for deliveries in any weather conditions, including snow. However, it is probably rude to order delivery during blackout blizzard snow conditions. 

When is it rude to order delivery, in general?

The main times it is considered rude to order delivery, in general, is during extremely dangerous weather conditions such as blizzards, floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Using delivery services at just about any other time is more than fine, regardless of wind, rain, or shine.

How unethical is it to order food in the rain?

It isn’t unethical at all to order food in the rain. In fact, most businesses that have delivery services are used to and expect a sharp rise in delivery requests during rainy weather. Delivering in the rain is no big deal to those doing it, though extra tips are much appreciated.