Is it Rude to Offer Less on a House?

When it comes time to buy a home, there is often more wiggle room (price-wise) than with other major purchases (like cars, boats, and other high-end products).

But, what if the price doesn’t seem quite right? Is it rude to offer less on a house than the owner is asking for?

Read on below and discover the truth of the matter!

Is it Rude to Offer Less on a House?

Offering someone less on a house than the list price isn’t exactly rude, but that doesn’t make it automatically polite either.

The main determining factor as to whether or not your offer of less money will be received as rude or not is found in the way you go about your business.

More often than not, offering less on a house, also known as a counter-offer, isn’t met with hostility (or perceived rudeness), so long as your offer is reasonable.

Further, if you are offering someone less on a house than they are asking for, it pays to be as detailed as possible in your bid, including a completed contract ready for the owner to sign if they accept your offer.

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s scale of 1 to 10, offering less on a house rates 3

The truth of the matter is that people offer less on houses all the time… and the owner of the property is more than likely well aware of this fact (and probably expecting as much from interested parties).

All things considered, the main time that offering less on a house is rude is when the asking price is genuinely a great deal already.

In other words, so long as your lower offer is justifiable, and you do a good job of explaining where you are coming from with your offer, it isn’t likely to be seen as rude.

However, if the owner isn’t happy with your offer, they are by no means obligated to entertain or accept it.

Why isn’t it Rude?

People offer sellers less on houses all of the time. The practice is commonplace and is usually referred to as a counteroffer. 

Counteroffers are expected by seasoned realtors, as well as individuals who buy and sell property on their own, and those who have been through the home buying or selling process a time or two themselves

Being polite, and explaining in detail how you came up with your offer is one of the main factors that keep you from being seen as rude.

Common Questions

Why do people offer less on a house?

People offer less on houses for a plethora of reasons. 

Some of the main reasons for counteroffering a lower price are not enough accommodations or less space than other homes in the same price range, the neighborhood/physical location of the home, and history of violent crime (mainly murder).

The age of the home, the quality of construction, and the number of repairs or renovations the home will take are also common reasons for offering a lower price than what the owner is asking.

How to politely offer less on a house?

Politely offering less on a house isn’t complicated. 

All you need to do is write up a potential contract agreement and include all of your reasons for coming up with your lower offer. 

Offering less on a house is really no big deal… unless you are literally only trying to “steal” the place for an unfair price. 

What is the lowest to offer on a house?

Offering someone between 5 to 10 percent less than the asking price is typically accepted by the seller. 

Offers that are 20 percent less, or more, are considered lowball offers and are usually seen as offensive.