Is it Rude to Not Wear Makeup?

Cosmetics are a big deal in this day and age, let’s be real and not beat around the bush. Nearly all women wear it, girls wear it to school, and even some men wear it on a daily basis as well.

But, is it rude to not wear makeup? And if so, when and why would this be the case? Read on below and find out the answers to these questions and more!

Is it Rude to Not Wear Makeup?

There are very few times, if any, that it is viewed as rude to not wear makeup. No matter what others think of you and your appearance unless it is in your work contract to wear makeup, it is far from rude to not do so.

Makeup, however, does go a long way in making you appear more attractive and trustworthy as well.

How Rude Is it?


Choosing not to wear makeup rates 0 out of 10 on the rude meter. That said, it is important to note that if you choose not to wear makeup to a formal function, simply to spite someone, it is indeed rude (10 out of 10).

Why is it Not Rude?

No one should feel that they must wear makeup to be accepted, let alone feel guilty or rude for choosing not to wear it. Again, unless you are contracted to wear certain clothes, and use makeup, for work, or certain appearances, there is nothing rude about not wearing makeup.

Other Options to Do Instead

There is no need to figure out another option to do instead of not wearing makeup. If you don’t want to wear it, simply don’t wear it. There is nothing rude about not wearing makeup.

That said, if you want to feel more confident, without makeup, you may take time picking out an outfit and hairstyle that helps make you feel better about yourself.

Common Questions

Is it ok to not wear makeup?

It is perfectly fine to not wear makeup, so long as you have not promised to do so or otherwise have some sort of contractual agreement to do so. Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and confident is what you should do.

Is it attractive to not wear makeup?

It is a well-known fact that women who wear makeup are found to be more trustworthy and attractive in general (to both other women as well as men). That said, many men and women claim that they prefer their partner’s face without makeup.

Is it ok to not wear foundation?

It’s ok to not wear foundation, depending on what you are doing with your makeup that day. However, wearing foundation helps tremendously to make your overall makeup look its best.

What happens if you don’t wear makeup?

If you don’t wear makeup, you will turn into a pumpkin at midnight… or, nothing at all! Not wearing makeup is perfectly fine, in general. But, if you wear makeup often, and then stop wearing it, you may deal with pimples and bumps for a while.