Is it Rude to Not Tip a Hairdresser?

Whether you pay $20 or $50 to your hairdresser for your hair, should you tip? Does it make a difference in how long they work on your hair? Read on below to find out!

Is it Rude to Not Tip a Hairdresser?

It is considered rude to not leave a tip at the salon or barber shop, even if it is more of a token of appreciation than a percentage of the bill (such as you would tip at a restaurant).

Salon tradition dictates that it is proper etiquette to leave at least a small gratuity at the salon, for the hairdresser that tends to you.

How Rude Is it?


On a scale of 1 to 10, not tipping the hairdresser rates 7 on the rude meter. In today’s market, trends are changing, as people struggle to recover financially (all around the world).

That said, not tipping at the hairdresser rates high on the rude meter as leaving even the smallest tip is polite.

Why is it Rude?

Not tipping the hairdresser is no different than not tipping the waitress who serves you at a restaurant. That said, of course, if the service is terrible, a tip may not be expected or deserved. 

However, in the case that you are happy with the haircut, and the service from the hairdresser themselves (most importantly), it is poor etiquette, and yes, seen as rude, to not leave a tip.

Other Options to Do Instead

If your hairdresser does not accept tips, or you simply can’t afford to leave them a tip, there are a few other options to consider doing instead:

  • Leave them a review on Google and FB
  • Make a big deal in front of the other customers about how good the service is
  • Never accept your change (and make sure to pay too much)
  • Bring presents for your hairdresser instead of tips
  • Refer their business to people in real life and make sure they tell the hairdresser who sent them

Common Questions

Do you tip at the salon?

Yes, you tip at the salon, and the barber. Hairdressers work hard to keep you entertained while they cut your hair and pamper you.

They deserve a tip just as much as a server at a restaurant. Tipping hairdressers is a respectful thing, more than a money thing.

Do barbers get tipped?

Yes, barbers get tipped, just as do most hairdressers. That said, barbers don’t expect some huge tip, or 30 percent of the bill like some restaurant workers are hoping for.

Any tip is welcomed and appreciated by barbers. Tipping the barber is more about respect than it is about helping them earn a wage.

Is not tipping rude?

Not tipping someone that gives you service, and isn’t paid an exceptionally nice amount for it, is semi-rude to outright rude (depending on how good the service is and how much you paid).

For example, restaurant servers get paid a third of the minimum wage in most places.

Without tips, these servers would need to work 120 hours to earn the same amount as someone getting paid minimum wage earns in one week.