Is it Rude to Not Talk to Your Hairdresser?

Hairdressers, whether barbers at barber shops or hair stylists at salons are known for their gift of gab. In fact, hair salons and barber shops are often seen as information-clearing houses for the neighborhood or town.

But, what if you don’t like to chat, or aren’t feeling up to having a conversation on some occasion… is it rude? 

Read on below and learn whether or not being silent at the hairdresser’s is a no-no!

Is it Rude to Not Talk to Your Hairdresser?

Not talking to your hairdresser isn’t seen as rude, in general. That said, if you usually talk to them, giving them radio silence may make them feel a bit awkward if you don’t provide them with some sort of explanation for your non-talkative mood. 

Further, decent hairdressers are typically highly skilled at reading people, and as conversationalists. That means they pretty much know when you don’t want to talk, and when someone is being rude.

How Rude Is it?


Choosing to not talk to your hairdresser rates 3 out of 10 on the rude meter because while most hairdressers know whether you are actually being rude or not, chit-chatting with customers is one of the most enjoyable aspects of their jobs (and your radio silence robs them of a conversation they might otherwise cherish).

Why is it Not Rude?

Not chatting with your hairdresser is ok, especially if you are a regular (and they know you a bit). But, even if it’s your first time at a new barber shop or salon, it is perfectly ok to not talk. Some customers visit the salon as a way to relax and unwind and don’t want to be bothered by the hassle of making small talk.

Other Options to Do Instead

If you don’t enjoy chatting while visiting the barber shop or salon, that is perfectly ok. Just let the hair stylist or barber that you prefer steep in silence and soak up the atmosphere (or whatever the case may be). A good hairdresser will want you to be comfortable, and won’t see this as rude whatsoever.

Common Questions

Do hairdressers expect you to chit-chat with them?

While it is true that most hairdressers are highly skilled at chatting with customers, and seem to genuinely enjoy doing so, they do not expect or demand a conversation with each and every customer they see. The best hairdressers want to give you the best experience possible, chit-chat involved or not.

What should you talk about with hairdressers?

Everything goes in at the hair salon or barber’s shop. There are practically no topics that are off-limits to talk about with hairdressers. If you are unsure what to speak about, let your hairdresser lead the conversation (something they will be glad to do).

What is rude to say to your hairdresser?

The rudest thing you can say to your hairdresser (aside from outright insulting them for some obvious reason) are things along the lines of “oh, wow, I love it!” and “It looks amazing!” if you really don’t like your new hair. Further, saying things like “how come I can’t get it to look like this at home?” is also rude, because it is debasing their skill and profession (by asserting that you, a customer, should have as much skill as the trained professionals).