Is it Rude to Not Show Up For an Interview?

Sometimes we line up more interviews than necessary, or we simply change our mind about an interview that we agreed to, and decide to skip one.

But, is it rude to not show up for an interview that you are no longer interested in? 

Read on below and find out!

Is it Rude to Not Show Up For an Interview?

It is rude to not show up for an interview, generally speaking. If you don’t give anyone a heads-up, skipping the interview is even ruder.

Failing to cancel an interview makes you seem rude because you are causing an interviewer (sometimes more than one) to make arrangements based on the assumption they’ll be spending half an hour to an hour interviewing you.

If you know you won’t make it to the interview, or are simply no longer interested in the interview, the polite thing to do is call someone and cancel.

There are very few reasons why you’d need to miss an interview without being able to call and cancel it. 

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s scale of 1 to 10, not showing up for an interview rates 7

It is important to note that our rating is based on the assumption that you don’t show up for an interview, and you haven’t given any notice that you wouldn’t be there.

In the case that you cancel the interview at least 72 hours to 2 weeks in advance, there is very little rudeness about it.

Why is it Rude?

Canceling a job interview with plenty of time in advance isn’t rude, but not showing up for an interview with no notice is indeed rather rude.

Professionally speaking, if you aren’t going to show up at an interview, you should let someone know. Otherwise, you are wasting someone’s time and possibly money.

For you to simply not show up to an interview, and leave the interviewer(s) sitting around checking the clock and tapping their watches waiting on you is unprofessional and, yes, rude.

Common Questions

What to say when you don’t show up for an interview?

When you don’t show up for an interview, you can call and apologize to the company/people who were supposed to interview you. 

However, the proper thing to do is to call ahead of time (or otherwise contact them) and let them know that you won’t be showing up for an interview. 

Unless you plan on rescheduling the interview, there is no need to further explain why you won’t make it. You can, however, throw in a thank you with your professional apology.

What happens if I miss an interview?

Technically speaking, nothing much happens when you miss an interview. 

The likelihood that you’ll score a job with the company is not likely, but aside from that, there aren’t many repercussions. 

Missing an interview is a great way to ensure that a company doesn’t develop a high opinion of you and your professionalism.

Can you reschedule an interview?

Many companies will reschedule an interview time for you if you ask them in plenty of time and you do it professionally. 

Otherwise, you can hang it up if you miss your scheduled interview (especially if you don’t let them know you’re going to miss it).