Is it Rude to Not Say Goodnight Back?

When you are texting someone at night, chances are one of you will eventually wrap up the conversation with a goodnight message of sorts. 

Even more, sometimes friends, family members, and even co-workers may send you a random goodnight message from time to time.

Typically, we reply to these goodnight messages with a goodnight text of our own.

But, is it rude to not say goodnight back to people? Read on below and find out the answer!

Is it Rude to Not Say Goodnight Back?

Not saying goodnight back to people, whether in person or in text, is considered rude just about any way you look at it. 

When you fail to say goodnight back to someone who tells you goodnight, you appear cold and uncaring. The closer you are to said person, the ruder your non-response may seem.

The main exception to not saying goodnight back to someone is if the text is unwelcomed by you, it is a random text, or you’ve fallen asleep before you noticed the goodnight message.

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s scale of 1 to 10, not saying goodnight back rates 9

The main reason not saying goodnight back to someone rates 9, instead of 10, on our rude meter is due to the fact that sometimes we don’t notice the text, or we’ve already fallen asleep. 

In almost every other case, besides falling asleep and not noticing the goodnight message, not telling someone goodnight back is no doubt a rude thing to do.

Why is it Rude?

Not messaging someone back in response to a goodnight text is almost always considered rude. 

The main exception is when you don’t notice the text because it was a random goodnight text sent from someone you weren’t previously messaging back and forth with that night.

Otherwise, not texting someone back and at the very least returning their goodnight message is bound to be seen as rude by most people. 

Not texting back shows the person that they are not a priority, or that you have already stopped thinking about them for the night (at the very least). 

At any rate, not replying to their goodnight message is sure to hurt the sender’s feelings.

Common Questions

What does it mean when someone doesn’t say goodnight back?

When someone doesn’t say goodnight back to you, it often indicates a lack of interest in you or your current conversation.

It may also simply mean that the person fell asleep or was otherwise tied up with something that kept them from having the free time to text you back.

There is also a slight chance that said person didn’t receive or notice the goodnight text you sent them.

Is it rude to say night back to goodnight?

While it is not exactly rude, per se, to reply with only “night” back to a “goodnight” text from someone, the recipient may prefer a longer or more personable reply.

The fact of the matter is, many people take such abbreviated answers as signs that the sender doesn’t care much or otherwise doesn’t feel like putting effort into a real message.

Is it rude to say morning back to good morning?

More often than not, whoever you’re texting with isn’t going to be as offended by a simple “morning” reply back to their “good morning” text to you as they would be if you didn’t say anything back at all.

In most cases, they won’t find your response rude at all but may wish for a longer message all the same.