Is it Rude to Not Invite Plus One to Wedding?

Plus ones are the guests of those who are invited to a wedding. Sometimes plus ones are allowed, sometimes they’re not (your wedding invitation should tell you).

In the case that plus one’s are allowed to the wedding you’ve been invited to, is it rude to not invite your plus one to a friend or family member’s wedding?

Read on below and find out!

Is it Rude to Not Invite Plus Ones to Your Wedding?

Not inviting your plus one to a wedding you’re on the guestlist for is generally seen as a pretty rude thing to do. That said, just because plus one’s are allowed doesn’t mean it’s always a good idea to invite yours along. 

For example, if there will be other guests at the wedding that your plus one has issues with, and you want to avoid causing drama, not inviting them is the best option (even though they will most likely feel it is rude of you).

How Rude Is it?


On a scale of 1 to 10, not inviting your plus one to a wedding, rates 9 on the rude meter. The only reason it doesn’t rate 10 out of 10 on our scale is that sometimes there is a good reason for not inviting your plus one along (even if they themselves think it’s rude of you).

Why is it Rude?

Not inviting your plus one along to a wedding you’re invited to is seen as rude because it hurts your plus one’s feelings. 

Whether it is your spouse, someone you are dating, or a really good friend that automatically gets such invites from you on a regular basis (and expects you to invite them along), not inviting them to a special function you are a guest is likely to make them feel bad.

Other Options to Do Instead

There aren’t many good options to do instead of not inviting your plus one to a wedding you have an official invite to if you are convinced it is best that they don’t attend the function with you.

You will simply need to explain to them your reasoning and hope that they understand. The only other real option is skipping the function altogether (if it is an option that you are willing to take).

Common Questions

Is it rude to tell your plus one no to a wedding?

It isn’t rude to tell your plus one “no” to a wedding if you have a good reason. Otherwise, it is both rude to do so and will be seen and felt as such by your plus one (be it a friend or your spouse). 

Are plus ones always a thing at weddings?

Plus ones are not always a thing at weddings. In fact, they are quite often not allowed at weddings for one various reason or another (the number of seats and guests the wedding function can provide for is typically the biggest factor).

When should you not invite plus ones to a wedding?

The main times you shouldn’t invite your plus ones to a wedding are when you know they have an issue with someone else attending the wedding, they will make things awkward some other way, or they don’t want to go but you know they will say yes anyway.