Is it Rude To Not Go To a Wedding?

When people invite us to their wedding, most of the time they do it out of genuine serenity, other times they do it out of obligation because of family ties, mutual friends, work relations, or feelings of obligation.

Further, we may not always feel like attending, even if we do love the person/couple getting married. Maybe we are sick, maybe we are busy with work, or have something else scheduled for the same day that is important to us.

So, is it rude to not go to a wedding under any of these circumstances? Or are you just rude no matter what if you don’t show up at the ceremony? Read on below and find out!

Is it Rude To Not Go To a Wedding?

Whether or not it is considered rude to not go to a wedding depends on several significant factors. Some of the most important considerations are how well you know the person, whether or not they really want you to be there, how well you feel mental, and whether or not you can take time off of work or not.

How Rude Is it?

Not going to a wedding rates 8 out of 10 on the rude meter. We’ve rated this one a tad bit on the high end of the scale, considering that most wedding invitations are sent with earnestness (not just to be polite).

In other words, not going to a wedding only rates 8 on the rude meter if you know the person well and they genuinely hope for you to attend the ceremony that they invited you to.

Why is it Rude?

When someone invites you to their wedding, there is little chance that it was not genuine. Your wedding invitation was not sent to you by accident. Therefore, it is generally considered rude for you to not attend the wedding.

In the case that you have a really good excuse, and you let the couple-to-be know you can’t be there as soon as you receive the invitation, your absence may be excused without being seen as rude.

Other Options to Do Instead

There are a few other options to do instead of not going to a wedding if you are genuinely concerned about being rude:

  • Attend the ceremony, either arriving late or leaving early (it is better to attend than not show up at all)
  • Show up for the wedding reception (just skip out on the actual wedding ceremony)
  • Give the new couple a really good gift and an equally great excuse and apology (preferably all at the same time)
  • Make a date with the new couple (before or after the wedding)

Common Questions

Is it rude to RSVP and then not go to a wedding?

Yes, it is absolutely rude to reserve a place in a wedding ceremony you have been invited to and then not show up. Each guest costs money, time, and planning, so if you can’t make it, speak up as soon as possible and do not RSVP.

Is it rude to say no to a wedding invitation?

It is not rude to say no to a wedding invitation unless it is done out of spite. Otherwise, it is ok to say no. There are all kinds of reasons people say no to going to weddings, and sometimes, it is for the better.

Do you have to go to weddings?

If you don’t feel comfortable going to a wedding, then don’t. There is nothing wrong with skipping out on making a scene or sitting around looking like a sour puss while everyone else is enjoying themselves. There is no law saying you must attend, whether you have an invitation or not.