Is it Rude to Not Give a Wedding Gift?

Is it rude to not give a wedding gift? Whether it’s the wedding of a family member, friend, or co-worker, wedding ceremonies are amongst the most memorable functions most people ever attend.

But, what about wedding gifts? Are they required? And, is it rude to not bring one, even if they aren’t expected?

Read on below and discover the full and interesting answer to this important question!

Is it Rude To Not Give a Wedding Gift?

When you are invited to a social function like a wedding, it is a custom that goes without saying to bring a gift. In most cases, unless the invitation clearly states that guests are to not bring gifts, it is expected that you do so. However, if you do not give a wedding gift, you won’t likely be called out in front of other guests or even considered rude (but it will be noticed).

How Rude Is it?


On a scale of 1 to 10, not giving a wedding gift rates 5. That’s because while some folks may find it rude, others are more forgiving. In other words, not giving a wedding gift is only considered rude half of the time (it all depends on the circumstances and people getting married).

Why Is it Rude?

If the wedding invitation you receive doesn’t say NOT to bring gifts, you’d better assume that gifts are expected. It is a general rule that people bring gifts for the newlywed couple. If everyone is bringing gifts, and you don’t, there is a 50/50 chance that your actions will be seen as rude by the bride and groom.

Why Is it Not Rude?

It isn’t exactly rude to not give a wedding gift, though it is expected in most cases. One less gift isn’t going to hurt anyone’s feelings (if they even notice). In most cases, the joyous occasion of a wedding celebration is enough to overlook someone not bringing a gift.

Other Options to Do Instead

If you arrive at the wedding ceremony and realize you’ve forgotten a gift, you can always let the bride and groom know that you have something special in store for them but it didn’t come in the mail in time (or whatever little white lie works the best for you).

You could also pull out some money and hand it to them instead. Another option is simply apologizing and asking the couple what they could use/still need, and offering to get it for them.

Common Questions

What do you do when someone doesn’t give you a wedding gift?

When someone doesn’t bring you a wedding gift, you should first consider the person’s current situation in life (including their finances) before getting upset with them or assuming that they are unthoughtful. Further, consider the fact that they may have been under the misconception that gifts weren’t required.

Do you need to thank wedding guests who don’t bring gifts?

Yes, you should thank all of your wedding guests for coming to the function and showing their respect and support. A gift is a bonus, it is the person’s actual presence at the event of your special day that really matters anyhow. At any rate, it is extremely rude to not thank someone because they didn’t bring you a gift/can’t afford to bring you a gift.

Are gifts necessary for a wedding?

Wedding gifts aren’t always necessary for weddings. However, a wedding gift is never frowned upon (even if the wedding invitations clearly state that guests don’t need to bring gifts). That said, be aware that most brides and grooms do indeed expect gifts. So, if you want to be in good graces, consider bringing a gift (no matter how small).