Is it Rude to Not Give a Plus One?

Weddings and other special once-in-a-lifetime events often involve a plus one, meaning guests may bring someone with them that hasn’t been invited.

Sometimes, however, plus ones are not an option to such events.

But, is it rude to not give a plus one as an option? Read on and find out below!

Is it Rude to Not Give a Plus One?

Not giving a plus one isn’t rude, especially if your venue doesn’t have the seating (or your budget doesn’t allow the extra expenses). However, if you decide plus ones aren’t allowed, you need to let people know about the invitations.

Whether or not you should allow plus ones at your event is absolutely up to you. Whatever your decision is, rest assured it is not rude.

How Rude Is it?


Not giving people a plus rates 2 out of 10 stars on the rude meter. The fact is that while people do enjoy having a plus one with them at events like weddings, it isn’t their pocketbook that is affected by all the extra guests (it is your budget that takes the hit).

Why is it Not Rude?

Deciding not to have plus ones at your wedding is not the end of the world, as it isn’t even technically considered rude. The only time it is rude to not allow plus ones is if you target an individual and tell them they specifically can’t bring a guest (when others are allowed to do so).

Other Options to Do Instead

There are a couple of other options to do instead of simply not allowing plus ones at your wedding:

  • Let everyone know that the wedding ceremony is for invited guests only but that the reception or afterparty is fair game
  • Consider allowing plus ones and cutting costs (like not having a full buffet of food)
  • Inform people that the ceremony is going to be small and tight-knit (for family and close friends only)

Common Questions

Is it ok to not allow plus ones?

It is perfectly fine to not allow plus ones at your event. It is your event after all, and the rules are up to you. There is nothing rude about not allowing plus ones if you don’t want them at your event or can’t afford them.

Do people like having plus ones?

People adore having plus ones because that way they will know at least one person intimately and have someone to talk to and share the experience with. Plus, most people are in a relationship and find it rude to attend the event without their other half.

Is it rude to ask about plus ones?

It isn’t rude to ask about plus ones if you don’t know what the deal is. Also, if you are uncomfortable about attending an event without your trusty plus one, there is nothing wrong with asking about it. That said, be prepared to accept whatever answer you receive. If the answer is no, you will have to be fine with the situation or decide not to attend.