Is it Rude to Negotiate Rent?

With the seemingly never-ending financial crashes, depressions, and recessions of the 20th and 21st centuries, everyone one of us who rents would love to have cheaper rent than we currently have.

Further, when we are looking at new apartments to potentially move into, we’d love to get them at a slightly more affordable price (one that fits our budget, yet is still fair to the owner).

But, is it rude to negotiate rent rates? Or is it something people do every day? Read on below, and find out right away!

Is it Rude to Negotiate Rent?

Whether or not it is rude to negotiate rent depends on the renter, how frequently they pay rent on time, the owner, the apartment, and whatever issues cause the renter (or potential renter) to attempt a rent reduction.

Most property owners are prepared for such questions, as they hear them all the time. That said, there is no typical response; the person you are renting from (or thinking of renting from) may or may not be offended and/or find the subject rude.

You won’t know if your landlord, or potential landlord, will find it rude or not unless you muster up the courage and just ask.

How Rude Is it?


On a scale of 1 to 10, attempting to negotiate rent rates 5 on the rude meter. We’ve rated attempts to negotiate rent prices with your new potential landlord (property owner) right in the middle of the rude meter.

On the other hand, if you have been renting somewhere for a year or two, have never missed a rent payment, and have a legit reason to ask for lower rent, it is perfectly ok to attempt to negotiate rent with the owner. 

Why is it Rude?

Asking your homeowner to negotiate rent is most often considered rent when you bring the subject up before at least 6 months to 1 year has passed (and you have paid rent on time each time). 

However, it is also considered rude by many homeowners to ask about lowering rent at all (in any way shape form, or for any reason). 

In these cases, the owners are most likely already renting the property at what they feel is a fair price (or one that is too low).

Common Questions

Is haggling for rent prices fair?

If you are able to create the opportunity to openly haggle for rent prices, there is nothing unfair about it. 

Either the rent is negotiable or not. 

Of course, hardly anyone ever states that rent is negotiable in their ads (if they did, they would have 100 calls a day asking for free rent).

Is it rude to ask about lowering my rent?

It is only rude to ask about lowering your rent if you just moved in and everything is as promised by the landlord (homeowner). 

But, if you just moved in and doors are falling off hinges and skeletons are tumbling from the closets, and the floorboards are being eaten by ants and termites, it is far from rude to ask about lowering the rent.

 Further, if you have been renting for a while, you may ask about lowering the rent if you think it is honestly too high.

Will owners lower rent?

There is no black-and-white answer to whether or not owners will lower the rent of their homes, apartments, and other properties they have for rent or lease. 

The only way you can find out is to ask. Surprisingly, many owners are more reasonable, and often more compassionate as well, than we tend to think of them. 

In other words, if you are not afraid to ask, and have a good reason (or good standing with the owner), there is a good chance you can negotiate a lower rent price.