Is it Rude to Mow Lawn at 8PM?

Sometimes we don’t have the time to mow our yards during the day. By the time we do have a few minutes to cut the grass, it’s already nightfall, or near to it.

But, when is it too late to mow, without coming off as rude to the neighbors? Read on and find out below if it’s rude to mow your lawn at 8PM, or after!

Is it Rude to Mow Lawn at 8PM?

Mowing the lawn is something we all must do regularly, especially if we live in town. 

It’s also a job that is louder than most, the angry sound of the lawn mower often reverberating through several of the nearest households. 

That’s why mowing too late at night (or too early in the morning) is considered highly rude. 

Unless you are using a super quiet lawn mower, you should avoid mowing after 8PM at night by all means.

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s scale of 1 to 10, mowing your lawn at 8PM rates 9. 

The main thing to remember when considering whether or not to mow your lawn at 8PM, or later, is that your neighbors are settling down, finishing up dinner and nightly chit-chat, as well as putting their young children to bed. 

In other words, your neighbors are going to be annoyed, if not angry in some cases, by the sound of your mower interrupting their nightly activities.

Hence, mowing before 8PM is the smartest move you can make, other than waiting to mow the next day (if you can’t get to it until after 8PM).

Why is it Rude?

Mowing your lawn at 8PM is rude because it disturbs your neighbors while they are going about their winding down for the day. 

People with regular day jobs tend to relax a bit before bed around 8PM, and they won’t appreciate the sound of your lawn mower droning on while they are chatting or watching TV.

What does your daily routine look like around 8PM each night? Imagine having to listen to your neighbor mow their grass for 20 minutes to an hour during that time… how much would it disturb you?

If your neighbors have small children who attend school, the sound of your mowing after 8PM is likely interrupting their bedtime routine.

Common Questions

What is the latest time you should mow the yard?

The latest time that you should mow your yard if you don’t want to risk looking rude to your neighbors is around 7PM to 7:30PM. Keep in mind that if you start mowing that late at night, you should be finished by 8PM or consider finishing mowing the next morning or afternoon.

What time is too early to mow your yard? 

8AM is the earliest time that you should consider mowing your yard in the morning, otherwise, you are taking the risk of annoying or offending your neighbors (most likely by waking them up or disturbing their morning routine). Likewise, you should finish up cutting your lawn by 8PM in the evening.