Is it Rude To Mow at 8AM?

When our grass needs mowed, there is little to do but mow it ourselves, or hire someone to do so. 

But, when is too early for mowing? Is it rude to mow at 8AM? Read on below and find out!

Is it Rude To Mow at 8AM?

Generally speaking, many of your neighbors won’t consider it rude if you start mowing the grass after 8AM. The exception is the grumpy old man on the corner that thinks everything is rude, and Saturday and Sunday mornings.

On the weekend, it is typically considered somewhat rude to start mowing before 9AM or 10AM. Mowing in the evening isn’t thought of as rude until it is past 8PM at night.

How Rude Is it?

Mowing at 8AM rates 2 out of 10 stars on the rude meter. While most of your neighbors won’t find it rude to mow after 8AM in the morning, that is not to say that one or two of them won’t be a bit grumpy over it. 

The bottom line is, you should wait as long as you can in the morning to mow your yard (at least until the sun comes up).

Why is it Not Rude?

Everyone has grass to mow, and only so much time to mow it. That means that sometimes it is in the early morning hours that we have to mow our grass if we want to do it in our own free time.

Would you think it was rude if your neighbor began mowing at 7:52AM? Probably not. But, what about 5:07AM? It’s not quite the same when everyone is still sleeping, is it?

Other Options to Do Instead

There are only a few other options to do instead of mowing at 8AM:

  • Hire someone to mow the grass at a more reasonable time
  • Mow the grass after work instead of before work
  • Wait until 9AM or 10AM for the sake of the neighbors
  • Use a robot mower that takes mows a little bit each day

Common Questions

Why is it not rude to mow after 8AM?

It isn’t rude to mow your own yard, and you don’t always have all day to get it done. That means, sometimes it is in the morning that you end up mowing. As long as you do it after 8AM, when most people are already waking up for the day, everything is fine.

Why is it rude to mow before 8AM?

When you start mowing before 8AM, neighbors are woke up by the sound of your mower. Not many people appreciate waking up in such a manner, and may take it against you. The best thing to do, therefore, is to not mow before 8AM.

What are the least rude times to mow?

The least rude times to mow your own grass are between 8AM and 8PM on the weekdays, and 9AM or 10AM to 8PM or 9PM on the weekend. That said, your neighbors are likely to understand if you need to mow outside of these target times.