Is it Rude To Leave Someone On Opened?

On many of today’s most popular apps that allow messaging (like Snapchat and Insta), you can see when someone has opened the message.

Until said person responds, you are left with an “opened” notification… and wondering what they think about your last message.

Read on below and learn whether or not leaving someone on opened is rude!

Is it Rude to Leave Someone on Opened?

Leaving someone on opened is done for several reasons: you aren’t into them, you don’t know what to say, you aren’t ready to respond yet, or you may do it just because you want to make yourself more desirable to the person who is messaging you.

It is typically seen as rude when you leave someone on opened because it appears that you have taken the time to read their message, but aren’t willing to take the few seconds it takes to respond to the message.

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter scale of 1 to 10, leaving someone on opened rates 7 out of 10. No matter that you may not have the time to message back, or have simply spaced it out, the other party is likely to feel slighted (and see you leaving them on an opened status as rude).

Why is it Rude?

Leaving someone on opened is viewed as rude for several primary reasons. The main reason it is rude to leave someone on an opened status is that they are waiting for your answer, and it makes it seem like you don’t care about them or their feelings.

Other reasons it’s rude include that you may be doing it on purpose, just to make the person “miss” you or “want” you more, and being a self-centered person that genuinely doesn’t care about the feelings of others.

Other Options to Do Instead

When you receive a message, and you don’t want to read it or answer it, don’t. But, in that case, you should avoid opening the message until the point and time that you are actually prepared to take the time to read the message, process it, and reply.

Otherwise, you are setting yourself up to seem self-centered or uncaring (let alone rude). If you care about the person, sending even a one-line message is better than just leaving them on opened status.

Common Questions

Is leaving someone on opened always disrespectful?

Leaving someone on opened status in messenger isn’t always disrespectful, but it is most often seen as such. That’s because, when you leave someone on opened, you leave them hanging. They can only wonder why you didn’t answer and what you are thinking/doing.

What should I do instead of leaving someone on opened?

The best thing to do instead of leaving someone’s message opened is to answer them. Even if all you say is “I can’t talk right now, I read your message and will respond later”, at least you are putting their mind at ease. Otherwise, they are likely to be anxious, worrying about the situation until they finally get a response from you.

When should you leave someone on opened?

If you really don’t feel like talking to someone, or someone has sent you an offensive message (or something out of anger), the best action to take is to leave the message as “opened” until you feel like you can reply in a calm and collected way (if you decided to reply to the message at all). Remember, just because someone messages you does not mean that you are obligated to reply.