Is it Rude To Kiss With Your Eyes Open?

To kiss with your eyes open is often viewed as abnormal, simply because most people are used to (or prefer) kissing with their eyes closed.

There is no proper kissing etiquette, however, that demands your eyes must be closed.

So, is it rude then? Or is it ok to kiss with eyes wide open?

Read on below and explore our in-depth and fully explained answer to this romantic mystery.

Is it Rude to Kiss With Your Eyes Open?

Most people prefer to kiss with their eyes open, but this is far from the rule. Some folks develop a habit of keeping their eyes open when they kiss… and that’s ok.

Kissing with eyes open is hurting anyone, and it isn’t often considered rude.

More often than not, if your partner has a problem with your choice to kiss with your eyes open they will let you know real quick.

That said, most people who are disturbed by open-eye-kissing are merely insecure with themselves (and when they get over it, they’ll also stop caring whether your eyes are open or closed while kissing).

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s scale of 1 to 10, kissing with your eyes open rates 2. The truth of the matter is, we couldn’t rate this one zero, or one, on the rude meter, because some people do get very disturbed by their partner’s kissing with eyes open.

On the other hand, we couldn’t rate it very high because very few people have serious issues with people who kiss with their eyes open.

In fact, some open-eye-kissers prefer love-making with eyes wide open, because, well… why not? 

Why isn’t it Rude?

Kissing with your eyes open isn’t as rude as it is sometimes considered weird or even creepy. 

Normally it is the younger crowd, that still feels awkward about their bodies and physical contact with the opposite sex, that has an issue with kissing with eyes open.

But, once we grow up, most of us aren’t bothered in the slightest if our partner prefers to keep their eyes open while they kiss us.

At the end of the day, to kiss with your eyes open is more of a personal preference than it is something offensive or taboo.

Common Questions

Is it untrustworthy to kiss with eyes open?

There is no research, science, or analysis that states (let alone proves) that people who choose to kiss with their eyes open are less trustworthy. 

That’s right, just because your new boyfriend kisses well, and does it with his eyes closed, it does not make him more honest or loyal than your last boyfriend (the one who always kissed you with his eyes open).

Why do people kiss with their eyes open?

There are countless personal reasons that may lead people to choose to kiss with their eyes open rather than with their eyes closed. 

For example, if your partner finds you extremely attractive, they may enjoy seeing your face relaxed and/or the passion on your face when they are kissing you. 

A less spectacular, but just as common reason for kissing with eyes open is lack of experience (at kissing in general), or low self-esteem.

How to respond to kissing with your eyes open?

When someone kisses you with their eyes open, you have a few options moving forward. 

The first option is to simply keep your eyes open in return (making eye contact may be extra arousing, who knows!). 

A couple of other popular options are, one, letting your partner know that it makes you uncomfortable when they kiss with eyes open, or two, point-blank asking them for an explanation as to why they do it.