Is it Rude to Keep Calling Someone?

Sometimes we want to talk to someone about something so bad we can taste it… but they don’t pick up. 

Depending on how badly we want to talk to them, and why we’re calling them in the first place, we may be tempted to call them over and over… until they pick up or reply.

But, is it rude to keep calling someone? Read on below and learn the truth!

Is it Rude to Keep Calling Someone?

Calling someone over and over is more often uncalled for than not. In most cases, regardless of what you have to say to someone, and why, you can do so in a voicemail if they don’t pick up your call.

In the case that the person you keep calling doesn’t have voice mail, you can send them a text. 

Otherwise, the best course of action, if you don’t want to be rude about things, is merely to wait for them to call or message you back.

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s scale of 1 to 10, to keep calling someone rates 9. The main issue with calling someone over and over is that most times you could resolve the issue via a text. 

Whether you need an answer, or you need to convey an important, you can do so with text if the person you need to talk to won’t or can’t answer.

By continuing to call someone, constantly, your action is likely to be seen as pushy and uncalled for. 

In fact, the more you call, the less likely someone is actually going to answer, as they become more and more annoyed and offended by your non-stop calling.

Why is it Rude?

When you keep calling someone, you are sending them a signal that what you have to say is super important, but you are also sending the message that they should drop whatever they are doing and answer you… which is awfully rude in most cases.

Sure, if someone’s spouse just got hit by a train, you should absolutely call them non-stop until they pick up, as well as text them and leave a voice mail. 

But, outside similar circumstances, most messages can be conveyed more than properly via a quick text.

Common Questions

How many times should I call someone?

Calling someone several times in a row quite often implies you know the person pretty well, otherwise the action would automatically be considered rude. 

Even so, when you do know the person you’re calling, unless you have a life and death matter on your hands, there are rarely good excuses to keep calling if they don’t pick up.

Is calling someone all night rude?

Calling someone all night long is undoubtedly one of the rudest things you can do, especially if you are calling a house phone rather than a cell phone. 

There are no excuses for calling someone over and over at night. If they don’t answer, send them a text and wait for a reply or a return phone call.

How do you tell someone to stop calling so much?

Telling someone to stop calling so much isn’t complicated, though it may be emotionally challenging for you depending on your relationship with the caller. 

That said, the best way forward is simply to tell them you would appreciate it if they tone down the number of calls you receive from them.