Is it Rude To Invite Someone Last Minute To a Wedding?

Inviting someone to a wedding, at the last minute, is in fact much better than forgetting to invite them to such an important occasion.

But, that doesn’t mean those who received their invite at the last minute will be exactly thrilled to be among the last to get invited to your hitching party.

Read on below and discover whether or not it is actually rude to invite someone last minute to a wedding!

Is it Rude To Invite Someone Last Minute To a Wedding?

Inviting someone to your wedding at the last minute isn’t nearly as rude (if it is rude at all) as not inviting them altogether.

The fact of the matter is that people like to feel like they “belong”… so when they receive a wedding invitation, people tend to be thrilled (regardless if it is six months in advance, or six days before the event).

That said, if you sent out the majority of invitations weeks prior to the people you invite at the “last minute”, it may tend to hurt their feelings a little bit.

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s scale of 1 to 10, inviting someone last minute to your wedding rates 5

We’ve rated inviting someone to a wedding at the last minute directly in the middle of the scale because late invitations are typically not intentionally sent at the last minute… or the invitation is sent late on purpose.

The bottom line? Inviting someone to your wedding is rarely ever rude, including doing so at the last minute.

What is rude is not inviting someone because of silly reasons, or waiting until the last minute to invite someone in order to make them feel as if you are doing them a favor by inviting them after all.

All things considered, it is best to take extra time to put together a solid guest list before sending out any invitations. 

Otherwise, you may unintentionally hurt someone’s feelings by making them feel less important/desired than other people on your guest list who received more timely invitations.

Why is it Rude?

Sending a wedding invitation to someone at the last minute is mainly only rude when it is done to certain individuals on purpose. 

It is equally rude to send all of your invitations at the last minute and expect people to drop all of their plans (including clearing their work schedule) and make it to the event.

Why isn’t it Rude?

Sometimes life gets in the way of things we’d rather it not… including getting wedding invitations made up and sent out.

That’s why it isn’t so much considered rude, generally speaking, to send last minute invitations to your wedding, as it is seen as poor planning.

Common Questions

Is it rude to invite people last minute?

Inviting people to your wedding, out for a bite to eat, or along for a road trip for that matter, is more often seen as spontaneous behavior than it is seen as a rude thing. 

But, when you purposefully wait to invite someone until the last minute, your action is indeed rude and uncalled for.

How late is too late to invite someone?

It is never too late to invite someone to a function like your wedding or graduation party. 

That said, generally speaking, it is considered responsible and thoughtful to invite people to events and special occasions between two and six weeks in advance.

How do you invite someone late, politely?

There is no golden rule to follow when it comes to inviting someone late. 

Depending on who you are inviting, and what sort of event it is, the best approach varies.

If you know someone well, simply call them up, text them, or go see them face to face, and let them know when the event is and that you hope they will make it.