Is it Rude to Interrupt a Conversation?

We’re sure everyone has been there: in the middle of talking to someone, and, for whatever reason, someone interrupts the conversation.

Is it ok for them to do so? Or, is it rude for someone to interrupt a conversation?

Read on below and find out the curious answer to this interesting question!

Is it Rude to interrupt a Conversation?

Generally speaking, interrupting a conversation is disrespectful and is likely to be seen as rude by the parties partaking in the conversation as well as those listening.

Unless you have something incredibly important that needs to be added to the conversation or addressed immediately, you should always try your best to hold your tongue and wait your turn to speak.

Otherwise, people will damn near always find it incredibly rude for you to simply jump into the conversation with your two cents.

The bottom line? Don’t interrupt others when they are having a conversation unless you have something genuinely worth saying that can’t wait.

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s scale of 1 to 10, interrupting a conversation rates 8

Interrupting a conversation, for no real reason other than you feel like it is absolutely uncalled for.

Jumping in on someone’s conversation with your opinion is unprofessional and is almost always considered rude.

That said, when you have a legitimate statement that needs to be said or a question that needs to be asked, that can’t wait, it’s typically not seen as rude as just blurting out an opinion.

Why is it Rude?

When two or more people are engaged in conversation, interrupting them for something less than critical is rude.

Most things you want to add to a conversation, including questions you may want to pose, can wait until it’s your turn to speak.

In other words, you shouldn’t interrupt a conversation with a really good point or reason (to everyone, not just you).

Interrupting people tends to make them feel belittled, ignored, or otherwise unimportant.

Common Questions

How to interrupt a conversation politely?

If you want to interrupt a conversation politely, for the most part, you need to wait your turn to speak. 

Just jumping into someone’s conversation to make a counter-point is rude, especially if you aren’t part of the original conversation. 

Otherwise, simply start by saying “excuse me…” and add your thoughts.

Is it wrong to jump into a conversation uninvited?

The main time it is unquestionably rude to jump into someone’s conversation is when you are trying to argue, or otherwise disagree with the point/topic they are discussing. 

It is much more respectful to wait your turn to speak and then voice your opinion/thoughts (that way you aren’t stepping on anyone’s toes).

Is it toxic to interrupt people’s conversations?

If you make a habit of interrupting people’s conversations, it can indeed be considered toxic (especially if your comments aren’t positive ones). 

In the case that you are habitually interrupting people’s conversations in order to simply disagree, or otherwise state your differing opinion, it is considered belittling and toxic behavior.