Is it Rude to Have an Adults Only Wedding?

Often, wedding invitations allow guests to bring along a plus one with them, in addition to their children.

sometimes, however, couples to-be-married decide they don’t want kids or plus ones at their wedding (for various reasons including lack of space, budget, and more).

But, is it rude to have an adults-only wedding? 

Read on below and discover the truth!

Is it Rude to Have an Adults Only Wedding?

Despite what your single-parent friends think, there is nothing rude about deciding to throw an adults-only wedding.

Your big day should be just as you envision it (or as close as possible). If your vision of a perfect wedding is one without kids, then so be it.

If your potential guests feel otherwise, perhaps they aren’t fit guests for the occasion!

How Rude Is it?


On the rude meter’s scale of 1 to 10, having an adult-only wedding rates 1

The fact of the matter is that your wedding is yours to plan, and you should be able to do so in whatever manner you prefer.

If that means you don’t want kids at your wedding, you are perfectly entitled to having an adults-only event.

Few of your guests, if any, will find it rude that you have opted for an adults-only wedding. In fact, some of them might thank you for the choice.

Why isn’t it Rude?

It’s not rude to invite only mature adults to your wedding, especially if you don’t have the facilities (or help) to handle children.

But, even if you could potentially provide ample accommodations for the children of your guests, that by no means makes you obligated to do so.

Your wedding is a special day, it should be as you and your partner wish and plan for it to be, period.

Common Questions

How to politely not invite kids to a wedding?

The best way to not invite kids to a wedding is by doing so on your wedding invitations. That way, the subject is dealt with, clearly, from the very beginning.

It’s not enough to indicate there are to be no plus ones, you need to mention that kids aren’t allowed either. If anyone has a question they may contact you about it.

Is it mean to not invite plus ones to a wedding?

Not inviting plus ones to a wedding isn’t mean, but it should be disclosed to guests just as soon as you invite them (or at the very least as soon as you decide plus ones aren’t allowed).

Most people will be thrilled that they are invited to your wedding and will overlook the fact that they can’t bring a guest with them (or otherwise get over it)

Is it ok to have just a wedding ceremony?

There is nothing wrong with having just a wedding ceremony and opting to not host a wedding reception in addition.

The bottom line is that your wedding is yours; it is ok to have it however you want it to be. There is nothing rude about that.