Is It Rude To Have A No Kids Wedding? Here’s What You Need To Consider

Wedding planning involves a lot of decisions, from selecting the perfect venue to deciding on menu items. But one of the toughest choices you may have to make is whether or not to include children at your wedding. While it’s ultimately up to you and your partner as to what feels right for your special day, there are some key points that you should consider before making this important decision. Read on for more information about having a no kids wedding – and how not to be rude while doing so!

Is it rude to have a no kid wedding?

Having a no kid wedding is a common, yet sometimes controversial topic. Deciding whether or not to invite children to your nuptials is an important decision that should be taken seriously – after all, it can determine the atmosphere of your big day!

It’s important to consider both sides when deciding if having a no kid wedding is right for you:


  • Allows couples and guests more freedom in their attire and activities.
  • Gives couples the chance to make their day more tailored towards adult guests.

On the other hand, there are also some potential drawbacks:


  • Can exclude friends or family members who would have been unable to attend due to child care constraints.

Other Perspectives to Consider

When it comes to deciding whether or not having a no kid wedding is rude, opinions can vary drastically. For some people, weddings are a time for families to come together and celebrate the joyous union of two people, children included.

They may view such an event as excluding those who have kids from being able to attend and thus, being somewhat exclusionary.

Others however, may take a different perspective on this activity entirely. To them it is simply about creating an atmosphere that allows adults to feel comfortable enough to let loose and enjoy themselves without having the worry of there being children present at their celebration.

This group might see this activity as completely appropriate so long as everyone in attendance understands why their decision has been made beforehand – after all, if the couple does not want children at their ceremony then it’s up to them!

Finally some people, may find this kind of behavior rude regardless of context or intent because they believe that any type of discrimination against someone else based upon age (in this case) should never be tolerated under any circumstances; even if they understand why it was done in the first place – and more specifically when talking about something related directly with marriage!

Overall though despite these differing perspectives on rudeness surrounding no kid weddings – one thing remains constant: each individual must ultimately decide what’s best for them when considering how they would like their own special day remembered by others years down the road.

Possible Alternatives

Hosting a Kid-Free Wedding

Weddings are special occasions that should be memorable for both the couple and their guests. If the couple decides to have an adults only wedding, there can still be plenty of activities available that will make it enjoyable and unique. Here are some possible alternatives:

    • Organize an Intimate Dinner Reception

This could include a romantic dinner or brunch reception with your closest family and friends in attendance. This gives you more quality time with those who matter most, along with providing great opportunities for meaningful conversations.

    • Plan Special Couple Events

If you don’t want kids at the wedding but still want them involved somehow, consider planning activities just for couples instead. This can range from spa days to themed scavenger hunts! It’s a great way to bond without having young children around.

  • Have an Adults Only Cocktail Hour A cocktail hour is also another option if you would prefer no children at your wedding ceremony or reception. Guests can enjoy hors d’oeuvres while sipping on drinks as they mingle throughout the evening.
  • Create Fun Evening Entertainment Options To ensure everyone has fun despite not having any kids present, plan out some exciting entertainment options such as live music or karaoke night! These kinds of things keep people engaged and entertained all night long.

Possible Consequences of This Controversial Action

Having a no kid wedding can be a divisive decision for couples. Depending on who the couple invites and what family dynamics are at play, it could lead to tension or hurt feelings among those not invited to bring their children along. This is especially true if there are close friends or relatives with small kids who have been left out of the festivities.

If someone were to find themselves in an uncomfortable situation because of this wedding choice, they might feel betrayed by the couple hosting, embarrassed that they weren’t considered important enough to include their children, and generally excluded from such an intimate event.

The possibilities don’t end here though; depending on how much these emotions affect them, they may also decide to distance themselves from the couple both socially and personally – leading to further rifts between families and friendships.

Ultimately, while having a no kid wedding isn’t necessarily wrong or offensive in itself; it’s worth considering how your guests will feel about being “left out” when making this big decision for your special day!